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Yabba Dabba Doo!- Flintstones Nail Art Tribute

Happy Friday Friends!

Today's Nail Art Tribute goes to The Flintstones.

A cartoon by Hanna-Barbera, The Flintstones was one of the first animated series to have a Prime time TV listing. The show debuted in 1960 and ran for 6 years on ABC which featured a married couple in the stone age with prehistoric technology.

The show was similar to a popular real life sitcom The Honeymooners in that it featured Fred Flintstone as a boorish individual married to a sassy woman, Wilma Flintstone.

Their best friends and neighbors are the Rubbles, Barney and Betty whose dynamic between a slightly more intelligent wife and a bumbling husband mirrors the main protagonist.

Like most of the animation by Hanna-Barbera, The Flintstones are enjoyed many franchise revamps that have given them new life for decades.

Some of my fondest memories of the Flintstones have come from the 90's like with Flintstone's Vitamins, Flintstone push up pops,re-runs of the Flintstone Kids, and the Live Action Flintstones movie.

By Order of the Water Buffalo, take a look at the finished product that features Dino, Wilma, Fred, Barney, and Betty.



They'll Push your Buttons and Make you Wanna Hug 'Em-Proud Family Nail Art Tribute


It's Friday!

Today's tribute goes to the Disney Channel animated series, The Proud Family. The Proud Family aired September 2001 to August 2005.

The show follows 14-year-old Penny Proud as she comes of age. Penny juggles her changing family dynamic as well as learning to be her own person amongst her peers.

The cast featured multicultural characters, popular slang, and lessons on tolerance.

I have very fond memories of waiting all week for the new Proud Family episodes to drop because Penny's growing pains mirrored my own.

I chose to represent Sticky, Dijonae, LaCienga, Penny,and Zoey. Let me know if there are any other tutorials you would like to see in the future. Until the next time!


Nail Polish Used:

"Over Easy" (Skin Tone)-Sinful Colors
"Sea Jewels" (Blue)-RK by Ruby Kisses
"Wondermint" (Light Blue)-Sinful Colors
"High Voltage" (Purple)-LA Colors

"Purple Passion"(Light purple)-Sinful Colors
"Over Easy" (Skin Tone)-Sinful Colors
"Lemondae" (Yellow) -Kiss
"Wondermint" (Light Blue)-Sinful Colors
"Sea Jewels" (Blue)-RK by Ruby Kisses

"Elecetrifying Pink" (Light pink)
"Carmel-Lot" (Skin Tone)-Salley Hansen Xtreme Wear
"Pitch Black Darkness" (Black)-RK by Ruby Kisses
"Wondermint" (Light Blue)-Sinful Colors

"Carmel-Lot" (Skin Tone)-Salley Hansen Xtreme Wear
"Pitch Black Darkness" (Black)-RK by Ruby Kisses
"Pink Fusion" (Hot Pink)-RK by Ruby Kisses

"Lemonade" (Yellow)-Kiss
"Orange You Glad" (Orange)- RK by Ruby Kisses
"Bare It All" (Skin tone)-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear
"Pitch Black Darkness" (Black)-RK by Ruby Kisses

Everybody Wants to be a Cat-The Aristocats Nail Art Tribute


Welcome Friends,

Today's nail art tribute goes to the film, The Aristocats. Originally released in 1970, Aristocats is a Disney animated film about a retired Parisian Opera Singer living in Paris with her cats in the early 1900s. Her Butler, Edgar has devised a plan to abandon Duchess and her kittens Berlioz, Toulouse, and Marie in the countryside once he learned that Madame has willed all of her fortune to her pets with Edgar being last in line for an inheritance.
Duchess and the kittens encounter an alley cat named Thomas O’Malley who offers to get them back to Madame in Paris with his street smarts.

The film was re-released to theaters in 1980 and again in 1987. My encounter with the film was when it was released to VHS in 1996.

I chose to represent Thomas, Duchess, Berlioz, Toulouse, and Marie. After you have practiced your scales and arpeggios, take a look at the video below.  Until the next time!


"Dishonor on You, Dishonor on Your Cow"- Mulan Inspired Nail Art


Happy Friday!

Today's Nail Art Tribute goes to Disney's Mulan. Mulan is a 1998 animated comedy/adventure film about a young woman named Mulan who impersonates a male solider in order to take her Father's place in the army that is preparing to defend China from the Huns.

As a little girl growing up, I was very moved by the scene when Mulan cut her hair in order to masquerade as "Ping". I thought she was very brave and like a true Disney renaissance woman, she was a three dimensional person before meeting her love interest.


 I was also very moved by  the Chinese animation influences that Mulan featured such as the use of the tapestries.

Today's tribute goes to Mulan's warrior gear, her Bride robes, Mushu, and cherry blossoms.

Tale as Old as Time-Beauty and The Beast Nail Art Tribute

Happy Friday!

Welcome, friends to the of the workweek and to another installment of nostalgia. This tribute goes to a French fairy take that was adapted to animation. It is the third movie of the Disney Renaissance, thus receiving the same musical treatment as the likes of The Little Mermaid. I am speaking about none other than the 1991 Disney film, Beauty and the Beast.

The story begins with a young arrogant Prince who was unkind to an old woman who came to the castle to seek shelter and in return for a single red rose. The Prince turned her away and the old woman revealed herself to be an Enchantress who placed a curse on the Prince as well as all people in the castle. The terms of the spell were that the Prince must find someone to love him despite his appearance before his 21st birthday or else remain a beast for all eternity.

When a kind, inquisitive, and bookish young woman by the name of Belle enters into the castle in order to save her father from imprisonment, the beast makes an exchange to have Belle stat in the castle in order for her Father to have his freedom.

Belle and the Beast get to know each other and develop a friendship. Belle also befriends the humans-turned household items who arguably have the best songs in the whole film.


An angry mob ensues the castle to kill the Beast, Belle returns and professes her love for him this breaking the spell.

I loved everything about this movie growing up. I identified with Belle’s love for reading and I would often imitate her by reading while walking. That ballroom scene between Belle and the Beast was a major influence in my life. I really appreciated this new school of Princess that was assertive, intelligent, and a three-dimensional person before falling in love.

Today I choose to represent Belle and the Beast in their formal attire. I included roses on the other nails because why not?

Please enjoy this video of the process and let me know if there are any other Disney movies you would like to see in the comments below.


Avatar:The Last Airbender Nail Art Tribute


Hello Friends,
 Today's tribute goes to Avatar: The Last Airbender. The show is an animated series that debuted on Nickelodeon in 2005. The series combined both American and Japanese styles to illustrate a post-apocalyptic Asiatic world that straddles between magic and reality.

The premise of the show was that the four elements Fire, Air, Water, and Earth have groups of people dedicated to their "tribe" with each "bender" be able to control said element of the nation that they resided in.

A bender designated as the "Avatar" would be born a nation in the succession order who would be able to control all four elements after mastering the powers of their home nation. Lord Sozin of the fire nation murdered the Avatar born to the fire nation and began a World War between to other nations for dominance.

 In order to ensure that his mission would not be thwarted by the next Avatar, Lord Sozin ordered a genocide of Air benders which were the next in line for the reincarnation. Aang, the 12-year-old new Avatar, feared his new responsibilities and fled the air nation to hibernated in suspended animation for a century.

With the help of his new friends Sokka and Katara, Aang emarks on a journey to master his telekinetic powers over the elements to defeat Lord Sozin.                 

Today's Nail Art Tribute goes to Aang when he enters his Avatar state. used "Wonder Mint" (blue) by Sinful Colors "Elegant" (flesh tone) vy Revlon and a chrome powder by Born pretty in order to make this tribute really sparkle.


"Part of Your World"-The Little Mermaid Nail Art Tribute Updated

Hello Friends,

Unless you have been living under a rock, the internet has been abuzz with the news that Halle Bailey will be cast as Ariel in the Little Mermaid Live-Action adaption. The reception of this news has been both good and bad with many articles accompanying it.

I meant to comment on this earlier but I didn't quite have the words until now.
I for one think that it is amazing that Disney is being so inclusive by casting the beautiful and multitalented, Halle Bailey, a young Black woman to play Ariel. When I watched The Little Mermaid growing up, I saw Ariel as being a playful, curious, bubbly, majestic siren and I am happy that the new generation will get to see Halle bring this character to life.

The trouble is that Black women, in particular, have been excluded for many years from sci-fi, fantasy, and animation making opportunities for Black women to cosplay as characters that look like them nearly impossible. I am excited that this new generation of young Black girls will be afforded a platform to be themselves. Black girls can be nerdy, quirky, soft, gamers, jokesters, imaginative, and there is room for them to revel in their individuality.

Times are changing.

I would like to lift Halle Bailey in love and light as well as giving her strength to go on regardless of those that are hampered with archaic ideals.

With that said, I am paying another tribute to The Little Mermaid with Ariel updated to a melaninated Princess. (see the first tribute here)

                                                              I can't wait for the film to come out!

"Kitty!"-Monsters Inc. Nail Art Tribute

Happy Friday Friends,

Welcome to another Friday installation of nostalgia. Today's Nail Art Tribute is dedicated to Monsters, Inc. Monsters, Inc. is a 2001 computer-animated family-friendly movie produced by Pixar that centers on a world of Monsters that scare children as a means to produce electricity.

2001 Theatrical Poster for Monsters, Inc.

Sulley, a blue-purple spotted character with goat-like horns who is Monstropolis' top scarer and Mike, a little green cyclops who is Sully's scare coach are best friends who work as a team to produce energy from scaring children.

Monstropolis is turned upside down on the day a human entered the Monster World via a portal being left open in the titular factory.


Since humans are deemed toxic, Sulley and Mike must keep the little girl (Boo's) existence a secret so that they can return her to her door with the rest of the citizens being none the wiser.


Nail Polish Used:

"Wonder Mint" (Blue)-Sinful Colors
"High Voltage" (Purple)-LA Colors
"Mint"(Green)-LA Colors
"Kashmere"(White)-Sinful Colors
"Pitch Black Darkness" (Black)- RK by Ruby Kisses

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