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Wedding Nails-My Size Bride Barbie Inspired Nails

Hello Friends,

Yesterday was Valentine's Day but today we are going to go back to Christmas.

Story time!

The Christmas Morning of 1994 was a morning full of anticipation for me. I circled half of the toys on the Toys R Us catalog but the toy that I wished with all my might for was a ”My Size Bride Barbie”.Check out the vintage commercial here. This Barbie doll was approximately 3 feet tall and the selling point for me was that you and Barbie could share the wedding gown. I was so sure that Barbie was under my Christmas tree. When I realized that she wasn't, I was crushed.

That's not the worse part.

 I had a playmate whose family was friendly with mine, let’s call her Denise (names were changed to protect the innocent). We were invited over to Denise’s house for Christmas dinner. I was already in a sour mood. It got worse when Denise invited me to her room to look at all the gifts she had gotten for Christmas. We go upstairs to her room and there in all her plastic glory... was the life size Barbie Doll dressed as a blushing bride.

 Barbie was beautiful. Denise was smug. I was livid. Denise gloated all evening long. I died a little inside.

Check those shoulder puffs, they're full of dreams.
Since I am not at all bitter about what transpired, here is a My Size Bride Barbie Inspired Nail Tutorial.

For this tutorial, I selected a light pink (very barbie-esque) as the base coat in the shade “Baby N’Little” by RK by Kiss HD Nail Polish. I painted on two coats of the pink polish and then I selected a white polish for the lace detailing. I picked “Ulta Ego” by OPI. The color is a bit translucent but that’s perfect for this tutorial because I wanted to keep the colors on the softer side.    

I don’t technically have an exact method for drawing lace except to alternate between wavy, curly shapes and lots of dots to make a design. I just made the design up as I went and came out with some dainty details. To take this manicure up a notch, I dusted each nail in the Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Powder (Peacock color)with a makeup wedge.

Tools for this tutorial (minus the dotting tool) Pick-N-Stick, Makeup Wedge, and Sally Hansen Chrome Powder.
I couldn’t complete the bride look without a ring which gave me the idea to construct one out of the nail jewels. I found a shop on Etsy and was instantly smitten. The gems shipped quickly, the packaging was so cute, and there was a sweet note that came with the goodies. I was shocked by how shiny the gems were. I couldn’t stop staring! You visit the shop by clicking the pink link: CEKnails

With Pick-n-Stick, I picked up the nail jewels and placed them on the nail. The center gem was gorgeous on it's own and I added a little rhinestone on each side of the piece to create little accent stones. I used nail glue to attach them to the nail instead of topcoat because the jewels were heavy duty compared to the gems I’ve used in the past.

After the topcoat on the nails dry, you are now pronounced ~*fabulous*~ and ready to wear your bridal nails all over town.

Wear them for a belated Valentine's Day dinner, wear them to your own wedding, wear them to the office, or any location where there are well-adjusted individuals who are defiantly not bitter about not getting giant Barbies.

I’ve got a video below so that you can swoon over all the sparkles in action. Enjoy your Friday!

Valentine’s Day Nails- Kiss From A Rose Inspired Nail Art


Hello Lovers,

Valentine's Day is almost upon us and it's time to get romantic. I love this holiday for the aesthetics, an excuse to demand chocolate, and for the grand romantic gestures. One song in particular that comes to my mind about this holiday. This song holds nothing back. The artist really put it all out on the line. which is "Kiss From A Rose" by Seal

The song is "Kiss From A Rose" by Seal. As evidenced in the Gif below, he is sooooo into it.
The song was originally written and discarded by Seal in the late '80s. Miraculously the song was reworked and became the US's 1995 radio hit from the Batman Forever Soundtrack. This power ballad went on to win at the 1996 Grammy Awards for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. The music video for this song features Seal singing next to the Bat-Signal while scenes from Batman Forever were interspersed throughout the production. If you would like to join me in howling along to this masterpiece I included the link for the video in pink:"Kiss From A Rose"

The aforementioned 1995 film.
I'm not gonna perch on top of a tall building and sing in the dark but I sure am going to do some nail art about it.

Behold the tutorial for today:

I used clear press-ons for a fresh negative space look.

I wanted something fresh for this nail art project so I opted for clear press-on's to make use of the negative space and to highlight the roses.

I've got two techniques for nail art roses for which I have included collages for tutorial purposes.

                                                                         Nail Art Rose Technique #1

I have been using this method for years.
  1. Begin by selecting a darker and lighter polish in the same color family (light pink and dark pink 

2. Use a Dotting tool or toothpick or bobby pin to make white circles to form the base of the roses.

3. Add bumps to some parts of the circles so that they become slightly misshaped, this adds a realness to the roses.

4. With the darker color, make C like shapes around the white shapes.

5. Dot the lighter color in the center of the darker color while the polish is still wet. Stir until the colors begin to mix.

6.Dot white polish in the center of the roses.

7. Take a green polish and dot on either side of the rose. While the polish is still wet, pull each green dot into a point to make a leaf.
                                                                           Nail Art Rose Technique #2

This is a new method for me and I can't wait to perfect it.
1. Begin by selecting a dark green and light green polish.

2. Select another pair of polishes from the same color family ( I used a cherry red and a light pink).

3. Select a blackmail polish and a dotting tool.

4. With your dotting tool, draw a vertical line halfway up the nail to form the rose steam.

5. Using the red polish draw a semi U shape on top of the steam. Fill in this U shape with your red polish.

6.While the red polish is still wet take a dot of your black nail polish to place in the center of the rose.

7. Draw an open circle by gently dragging the dotting tool to mix the red and black polish. It is important to do this while both polishes are wet to create some depth to the rose.

8. Take your dotting tool and use it to pick up your pink polish. Use the pink color to add some highlight to the rose ( I highlighted toward the top of the flower).

9. Take a green polish and dot on either side of the rose. While the polish is still wet, pull each green dot into a point to make a leaf.

If you have a minute (and a couple seconds) there is a video below. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Tiffany Heart Tag Bracelet Inspired Nail Art

Hello Friends,

Happy Friday to you and welcome to another ode to nostalgia with nail polish! We are continuing with our early 2000's theme and paying tribute to another 00's Baddie's status symbol: A Tiffany Heart Tag Bracelet.  The characteristics of the jewelry were large sterling silver links with a dainty heart-shaped charm that read "Please Return to Tiffany &Co. New York 925". This Bracelet adorned the wrist of every Queen Bee especially if they veered more on the preppy side.    

Tiffany Heart tag to be paired with Ugg boots and a Juicy Couture Track suit.
The tutorial below is easy to follow along to as well as being easy on the pockets(have you seen how much these bracelets go for?).

Let's polish like it's 2003, shall we?

You are more than welcome to select a white, silver and teal polish from any brand to your liking but I selected the following for my version of this project:
Polish from Upper Left: "Wonder Mint"-Sinful Colors, "Silver Stallion"-Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, and "Ulta Ego"-OPI
With my trusty dotting tool, I made a heart with my silver polish. I find it's easiest to make a heart by placing three dots in a V formation, from here I can decide on the width of the shape as I fill in the sides and the top portion. I've included a collage below for a picture of what this looks like.  
Valentine's Day is coming up!

For the chain design, I drew lines of silver coming to form the heart. Using my dotting tool, I made little dots along the silver lines. Once the dots were dry, I went back over with making white dots in the middle of the silver dots to give a more chain-like appearance. I wanted to make sure that the bracelet nail was highlighted which is why I decided to create different designs on each nail. A nice top coat and Voila'! A Tiffany's worthy manicure. You can follow along with the video below and tag me if you attempted this tutorial. Smooches!  


Multicolored Louie Vuitton Hand Bag Tribute with Nail Wraps

Calling all the 00's Baddies! Have I got something for you...

The early Aughts were ripe with blinged out, glossy, and hyper-feminine accessories.

Truly, if it didn't come dunked in glitter and awash in bubble gum pink, I didn't want it!

 I'm guessing that the rise of reality television and the emergence of "celebutantes" (think Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie) was a contributing factor of the shift in fashion trends. In my neighborhood, we weren't exactly living fabulously but we wanted to put off the facade that we were which meant that one had to buy luxurious (looking)fashion staples of the time. The baddest at my high school wore velour track suits, rocked sunglasses with a little rhinestone heart in the corner.
Shield your eyes from the haters in style!

The baddest of the bad however had to have the ultimate 00's accessory: The Louis Vuitton Multicolored Monogrammed Bag. This bag typically housed accessories that every 00's baddie needed such as Lacome Juicy Tubes, Victoria Secret "Heavenly" body spray, and a flip phone. This bag had all of us peasants salivating. 

The true star of this blog post.
The pastel shades of the monogram, the butterscotch colored leather handles, and the gold hardware were enough to make me swoon. Alas, I never owned this coveted handbag. To make up for times that never were, I've got a manicure to pay tribute to this iconic print. 

In order to do justice to this design, I took to Etsy to look for a Louis Vuitton Nail wrap. I found this adorable shop on there (click the pink link to visit them!) called OG Nails. I spent hours looking through all their decals because they were all so cute but I finally landed on the print I needed and set to work. 

The decals shipped to me so quickly and were so easy to use. The decals operated with the same principle as applying a temporary tattoo: Wet the design, pull off the backing and place the transfer on the desired location. 

I added in a few rhinestones over the top of the decal that I just so happened to have laying around and to further emphasize how extra I was trying to be.

I've got a video below of the process. Is there a more iconic 00's accessory? Hit me up and let me know!


“What’s it Gonna Be?!”- Janet Jackson Inspired Nails

A still of the nail inspiration.
In 1999, Busta Rhymes and Hype Williams teamed up to one of the most expensive music videos in existence for the song, ”What’s It Gonna Be?!” Busta Rhymes delivers his bars in his classic rapid-fire style over a mid-tempo funk infused track.
Do yourself a favor and go watch this video!
 Sandwiched in between verses as well as helpings of soulful guitar licks are Janet Jackson’s angelic vocals. The futuristic tones and fish-eye lens(signature of a Hype Williams video)drew me in but it was Ms. Jackson that held my attention. She was clad head to toe in leather with a set of the most lethal nails that I have ever seen. Her pierced manicure was something that I only dreamed of recreating...until now.
Gonna make, gonna make...the most extra nail tutorial ever!
This tutorial will go over how to get your very own set of Janet Jackson inspired nails. Most of my tutorials can be done in natural nails but since there will be piercing involved, I suggest using artificial nails for safety.

                                     ”What’s It’s Gonna Be?!” Nail Tutorial
  • Collect supplies such as black nail polish, press on nails (long), a top coat, a hand drill, and jump rings.
  • Use Black Nail Polish to apply two coats to your nails. Let your nails dry. Apply top coat.
  • Using your hand drill in a clockwise motion, place the tool into the front tip of each nail and turn until you drill a hole into the nail. Depending on the size of the nail, you may have to drill two holes. The shop on Etsy that I purchased mine from is in the following pink link:Golden Depot Shop
  • Select one jump ring per each nail. The jump ring size 
  • that I used for this tutorial are size 15 mm (ya know, for drama) and can be purchased at any craft store in the necklace making section for a couple dollars.                          
  • Using needle nose pliers or your hands, open the jump rings. 
  • Thread the rings through the holes that were drilled and then close the ring
  • Rock it!                     

                                                                Words of Wisdom:
This tutorial is for fun/these nails are not practical for everyday use. By all means, snatch some wigs but make sure it isn’t your own. As always there is a video of my labor. If you recreated this tutorial, tag me in your socials and let me know how it worked out for you. Have a great Friday!

Raspberry Beret Inspired Nail Art Tutorial

I was raised on Prince. His artistry is unmatched. Today's tribute to nostalgia to brings us to 1985. The subject of today's blog post is the song ”Raspberry Beret”, a single from Prince’s 7th album, ”Around the World in a Day”.  ”Raspberry Beret” is a radio-friendly jam that tells the story about a liaison between the protagonist and a hipster girl that happens to stop by the thrift store that he was working at. The song was performed by Prince and The Revolution. The track features a lovely string section, hand cymbals, electric guitar, and the iconic LM-1 drum machine that has become a staple for Prince’s earlier work. The video is the real-life version of the album's illustrated cover.  
Rumor has it that Prince was supposed to dye his hair blonde to match the cover art for the video ”Rasberry Beret” but the results were a disaster which led to him having to cut his hair and don a wig for the video.
To complete the psychedelic scenery Prince sports a whimsical cloud suit. This has been one of my favorite outfits of his and I wanted to pay tribute to this dreamy ensemble.

To begin this design I've selected a bright blue polish and a white polish.  I used ”Sea Jewels”-(royal blue)by RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails and ”Ulta Ego”-(white) by OPI.
Step by Step Cloud Nails Tutorial

  1. Polish the nails with a blue base color in two coats. Let the nails dry.
  2. Use a dotting tool or toothpick to add a few drops of white nail polish to the nail with the dotting tool. 
  3. Pull the white polish in the desired shape. 
  4. Optional step: Add a few dots to the cloud shape on the outer corners to give it a bumpy traditional cloudlike texture.
  5. Have fun! Clouds don't have to be perfect.
Feast your eyes on the video so that you can create your own set to show off. Love, peace, and hope that we can all be funky hipsters with some bold hat game. 


Care Bear Nail Art

The Care Bears were a franchise launched in 1981 underneath the American Greeting Company. The Care Bears were brought to life by one of the concept artist responsible for Strawberry Shortcake. These fictional bears resided in the heavenly like dwelling of, Care-a-lot. When not frolicking among the clouds accompanied by star and heart buddies, the bears kept a watchful eye on the Caring meter. The Caring meter was a device that would alert the bears of any trouble on earth; low levels on the caring meter meant that someone was in need of love or needed help with being more compassionate. The bears would spring into action and hurry away to assist whomever needed help. Each bear was assigned unique colored fur and an emblem on their belly reflecting their personality and or specialty. The "Belly Badges" could be used by each Care Bear to produce objects magically that would assist them in their care missions. Their strongest asset was the "Care Bear Stare" which featured all the bears standing next to one another and emitting beams from their belly at once toward the target that needed assistance.

The series has enjoyed several relaunches and the introduction of new characters. There have been some updates but they are all still the loving and caring characters that I remember form my childhood. Growing up I had a Tender heart and Cheer Bear that would go everywhere with me. I'd like to say that I out grew the series but I really haven't. Those bears are still super cute and I think it's important to care about things.  I picked my favorite bears below as well as a video of the process.  Make sure to let someone know you care about them, give somebody a hug, or do a good deed today. Happy Friday!


Sailor Moon, Moon Wand Tribute

Summer of 1996 was the Summer that I discovered Sailor Moon.  The theme song alone worked me into a frenzy but when they got to the story line, I was hooked! Thus my love affair with Magical Girl Anime began. The story had action, comedy, and romance galore. I used to get up early every morning to watch the Sailor Scouts battle it out with the Negaverse all with using their resources and their reliance on friendship. I was so inspired that I kept several notebooks dedicated to re imagining Sailor Moon’s adventures

I decided to pay tribute to this amazing series with an ombré nail paired with some gorgeous nail jewels. 

First I selected dark pink and light pink polishes. I also selected dark purple and light purple polishes. To keep with the cosmic the theme, I dusted each nail with Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Peacock glitter powder(totally optional) after the ombre top coat dried.

I got the jewels from a shop on Etsy called Maky Nail. I 
selected bag #2 which had a variety of moons, stars,
and rhinestones (AB color).  I’ve included a link to the shop underneath the photo of the goodies in pink. 

Maky Nails here:etsy.me/2Qo2qHf

You have the option on picking up the jewels with a set of tweezers but I find that a Wax Pick-n-Stick works best. 
These can be picked up at any craft store and are fairly inexpensive. 

Wax Pick-n-stick to make picking up rhinestones a breeze!

I added one strip of pink for the base of the moon wand, let it dry, I applied gel topcoat by LA colors to the nail, and attached the moon to the top. I also added an AB jewel at 
the base of the crescent moon to represent the moon crystal

*Be forewarned that the jewels are on the larger side. They sit on top of the nail 3D style instead of entirely laying flat which really adds to the wow factor. Be patient and make use of the pick side to position the jewels after you make the initial placement with the wax side.

To make the gold beams on the other nails, I used nail tape that the received from another shop on Etsy called BeauteGalleria. For a good price, you get a wide variety of nail tape. I included the link below:

I recommend allowing them to dry overnight or using a nail curer would be most beneficial.  
Take a look at the video to follow along with. Share the tutorial with a friend and fight evil by moonlight!


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