Muy Bien,Great!-Dora the Explorer


Hello Friends,

Today's tribute goes to Dora the Explorer. Debuting on August 14,2000, Dora the Explorer follows the adventures of a 7-year-old named Dora and her automorphic monkey companion, named boots for his affinity for his choice of footwear.

The format of the show was designed to give the viewer a point-of-view experience of playing a computer game where they must "click" items that are needed to help Dora complete her missions as well as respond to prompts to shout out the right answer at their TV screens.


Dora has a pan-Latina identity and often employs Spanish in her call and response portion of her missions (such as when she breaks the fourth wall to speak to the audience).

Dora is joined by a host of bilingual talking animals, sentient items such as Backpack and Map, as well as her older cousin, Diego on occasion.

I chose to represent Dora and the foliage that she often frolics.

*Note how I had to change to color of Dora's shirt because I forgot what color it was.


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