Tale as Old as Time-Beauty and The Beast Nail Art Tribute

Happy Friday!

Welcome, friends to the of the workweek and to another installment of nostalgia. This tribute goes to a French fairy take that was adapted to animation. It is the third movie of the Disney Renaissance, thus receiving the same musical treatment as the likes of The Little Mermaid. I am speaking about none other than the 1991 Disney film, Beauty and the Beast.

The story begins with a young arrogant Prince who was unkind to an old woman who came to the castle to seek shelter and in return for a single red rose. The Prince turned her away and the old woman revealed herself to be an Enchantress who placed a curse on the Prince as well as all people in the castle. The terms of the spell were that the Prince must find someone to love him despite his appearance before his 21st birthday or else remain a beast for all eternity.

When a kind, inquisitive, and bookish young woman by the name of Belle enters into the castle in order to save her father from imprisonment, the beast makes an exchange to have Belle stat in the castle in order for her Father to have his freedom.

Belle and the Beast get to know each other and develop a friendship. Belle also befriends the humans-turned household items who arguably have the best songs in the whole film.


An angry mob ensues the castle to kill the Beast, Belle returns and professes her love for him this breaking the spell.

I loved everything about this movie growing up. I identified with Belle’s love for reading and I would often imitate her by reading while walking. That ballroom scene between Belle and the Beast was a major influence in my life. I really appreciated this new school of Princess that was assertive, intelligent, and a three-dimensional person before falling in love.

Today I choose to represent Belle and the Beast in their formal attire. I included roses on the other nails because why not?

Please enjoy this video of the process and let me know if there are any other Disney movies you would like to see in the comments below.


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