Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me- Kim Possible Nail Art Tribute

Welcome Friends,

Today's Nail Art Tribute goes to the amazing animated Disney Channel series, Kim Possible. The show is an American animated series that air on Disney Channel in 2002.


The show combined slapstick with witty humor as well as retro-inspired animation with computer-generated aspects. The series is about the eponymous character Kim Possible who is a high school student that fights crime alongside her best friend (and later love interest) Ron Stoppable.


Kim and Ron solve mysteries and fight crime internationally with their main enemies being Dr. Drakken and his right hand, Shego.

They also partner with a 10-year-old named Wade who communicates to the team via a video-capable device called a Kimmunicator which arguably has the best ring tone ever.

With Ron providing comic relief and interesting moments with his pet mole rat, Rufus, Kim shines as the fearless leader. She can lead her Cheer Squad, roundhouse kick any evil henchman, and maintain a killer fashion sense. Her crop top game was on point!

I chose to represent Kim, Ron, and Shego. I included Rufus in Ron's pocket and I have Shego's flames on the pinky. Grab a Naco and listen to the Naked Mole Rap while you feast your eyes on this set.



Nail Polish Used:

Mint (lime green)-LA Colors
Pitch Black Darkness (black)-RK by Ruby Kisses
Electrifying Pink (pink)-OPI
Emerald (green)-Celavi

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