Tale as Old as Time-Beauty and The Beast Nail Art Tribute

Happy Friday!

Welcome, friends to the of the workweek and to another installment of nostalgia. This tribute goes to a French fairy take that was adapted to animation. It is the third movie of the Disney Renaissance, thus receiving the same musical treatment as the likes of The Little Mermaid. I am speaking about none other than the 1991 Disney film, Beauty and the Beast.

The story begins with a young arrogant Prince who was unkind to an old woman who came to the castle to seek shelter and in return for a single red rose. The Prince turned her away and the old woman revealed herself to be an Enchantress who placed a curse on the Prince as well as all people in the castle. The terms of the spell were that the Prince must find someone to love him despite his appearance before his 21st birthday or else remain a beast for all eternity.

When a kind, inquisitive, and bookish young woman by the name of Belle enters into the castle in order to save her father from imprisonment, the beast makes an exchange to have Belle stat in the castle in order for her Father to have his freedom.

Belle and the Beast get to know each other and develop a friendship. Belle also befriends the humans-turned household items who arguably have the best songs in the whole film.


An angry mob ensues the castle to kill the Beast, Belle returns and professes her love for him this breaking the spell.

I loved everything about this movie growing up. I identified with Belle’s love for reading and I would often imitate her by reading while walking. That ballroom scene between Belle and the Beast was a major influence in my life. I really appreciated this new school of Princess that was assertive, intelligent, and a three-dimensional person before falling in love.

Today I choose to represent Belle and the Beast in their formal attire. I included roses on the other nails because why not?

Please enjoy this video of the process and let me know if there are any other Disney movies you would like to see in the comments below.


Avatar:The Last Airbender Nail Art Tribute


Hello Friends,
 Today's tribute goes to Avatar: The Last Airbender. The show is an animated series that debuted on Nickelodeon in 2005. The series combined both American and Japanese styles to illustrate a post-apocalyptic Asiatic world that straddles between magic and reality.

The premise of the show was that the four elements Fire, Air, Water, and Earth have groups of people dedicated to their "tribe" with each "bender" be able to control said element of the nation that they resided in.

A bender designated as the "Avatar" would be born a nation in the succession order who would be able to control all four elements after mastering the powers of their home nation. Lord Sozin of the fire nation murdered the Avatar born to the fire nation and began a World War between to other nations for dominance.

 In order to ensure that his mission would not be thwarted by the next Avatar, Lord Sozin ordered a genocide of Air benders which were the next in line for the reincarnation. Aang, the 12-year-old new Avatar, feared his new responsibilities and fled the air nation to hibernated in suspended animation for a century.

With the help of his new friends Sokka and Katara, Aang emarks on a journey to master his telekinetic powers over the elements to defeat Lord Sozin.                 

Today's Nail Art Tribute goes to Aang when he enters his Avatar state. used "Wonder Mint" (blue) by Sinful Colors "Elegant" (flesh tone) vy Revlon and a chrome powder by Born pretty in order to make this tribute really sparkle.


"Part of Your World"-The Little Mermaid Nail Art Tribute Updated

Hello Friends,

Unless you have been living under a rock, the internet has been abuzz with the news that Halle Bailey will be cast as Ariel in the Little Mermaid Live-Action adaption. The reception of this news has been both good and bad with many articles accompanying it.

I meant to comment on this earlier but I didn't quite have the words until now.
I for one think that it is amazing that Disney is being so inclusive by casting the beautiful and multitalented, Halle Bailey, a young Black woman to play Ariel. When I watched The Little Mermaid growing up, I saw Ariel as being a playful, curious, bubbly, majestic siren and I am happy that the new generation will get to see Halle bring this character to life.

The trouble is that Black women, in particular, have been excluded for many years from sci-fi, fantasy, and animation making opportunities for Black women to cosplay as characters that look like them nearly impossible. I am excited that this new generation of young Black girls will be afforded a platform to be themselves. Black girls can be nerdy, quirky, soft, gamers, jokesters, imaginative, and there is room for them to revel in their individuality.

Times are changing.

I would like to lift Halle Bailey in love and light as well as giving her strength to go on regardless of those that are hampered with archaic ideals.

With that said, I am paying another tribute to The Little Mermaid with Ariel updated to a melaninated Princess. (see the first tribute here)

                                                              I can't wait for the film to come out!

"Kitty!"-Monsters Inc. Nail Art Tribute

Happy Friday Friends,

Welcome to another Friday installation of nostalgia. Today's Nail Art Tribute is dedicated to Monsters, Inc. Monsters, Inc. is a 2001 computer-animated family-friendly movie produced by Pixar that centers on a world of Monsters that scare children as a means to produce electricity.

2001 Theatrical Poster for Monsters, Inc.

Sulley, a blue-purple spotted character with goat-like horns who is Monstropolis' top scarer and Mike, a little green cyclops who is Sully's scare coach are best friends who work as a team to produce energy from scaring children.

Monstropolis is turned upside down on the day a human entered the Monster World via a portal being left open in the titular factory.


Since humans are deemed toxic, Sulley and Mike must keep the little girl (Boo's) existence a secret so that they can return her to her door with the rest of the citizens being none the wiser.


Nail Polish Used:

"Wonder Mint" (Blue)-Sinful Colors
"High Voltage" (Purple)-LA Colors
"Mint"(Green)-LA Colors
"Kashmere"(White)-Sinful Colors
"Pitch Black Darkness" (Black)- RK by Ruby Kisses

Just a Feline Canine, Little CatDog- A Cat Dog Nail Art Tribute


Hello Friends,
Here is a fun Nail Art Tribute to help get you through the week. Today's tribute goes to an American animated show that aired on Nickelodeon April 4, 1998. The one, the only, bizarre and ever popular, CatDog.

Catdog is a show that centers on conjoined brothers that happen to be a Dog and a Cat. Dog behaves as a typically dog in that he is happy-go-lucky and playful while his brother Cat is more reserved and cynical.

The brothers don't have tails and their days are filled with one brother wanting to do things that the other opposes. This was one of the many shows that my Mother did not approve of me watching because of how strange it was right up there with Ren & Stimpy.

Relive this fever dream of a series below and let me knowing the comments of any other Nickelodeon shows that you would like to see me pay tribute to.
Nail Polish Used:
Orange You Jealous (Orange) RK by Ruby Kisses
Over Easy(Brown) by Sinful Colors
High Voltage(Purple) by LA Colors
Pitch Black Darkness (Black) by RK by Ruby Kisses
Hot Blooded (Red) by LA Colors
Kashmere (White) By Sinful Colors

Cowabunga, Dudes!- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Nail Art Tribute

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone is celebrating the end of the work with a pizza, which is more than appropriate for today's nail art tribute to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

These anthropomorphic turtles got their start in 1984 in an American comic book. Four baby turtles encountered a mysterious green ooze in the sewers of New York which caused them to mutate into human-like creatures. The turtles were adopted by a mutated Rat, Master Splinter, who also served as their sensei in teaching the turtles the art of Ninjitsu.

The turtles typically battle Shredder and the ninjas of the foot clan. On occasion, the turtles are accompanied by April O'Neil, an ally of the group and former lab assistant.

In addition to saving New York, the turtles are typical teenagers who crave pizza and make pop culture references.

Each turtle has the name of Italian renaissance men, thus giving each turtle their own personality.

Michaelangelo- Mike is named after the Italian poet and sculptor. He uses nunchucks during battles and wears an orange mask. He is the most mischievous brother and he pulls a lot of pranks.

Leonardo- Named after Leonardo Da Vinci, Leo dons a blue mask and uses two swords as his weapons. He is the most tactful of his brothers.

Donatello- Donny was named after the Italian artist, Donatello. He wears the purple mask and wields a staff as his weapon of choice. He is the most intelligent of his brothers and serves as the tech wizard on the team.

Raphael- Raph got his name from the Italian Architect and painter, Raphael. Raph dons a red mask and is the most aggressive of his brothers. His temper often puts him at odds with Leonardo and he often speaks with a heavy New York accent.

The franchise has produced a couple animated adaptions geared for the Saturday Morning Cartoon demographic. The TMNT also has merchandise and feature films that have stemmed from the original comic book.

Today I took the minimalist approach in creating my tribute to my favorite pizza-fueled team. I've got all the Ninja Turtles and a slice of heaven on the manicure. Tell me your favorite turtle in the comments below, till the next time!

Nail Polish Used:

"Orange U Jealous" (Orange)-RK by Ruby Kisses
"Sea Jewels" (Blue) -RK by Ruby Kisses
"Hot Blooded" (Red)- LA Colors
"Nuclear Energy" (Purple)-LA Colors
"Kashmere" (Off White)-Sinful Colors

Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me- Kim Possible Nail Art Tribute

Welcome Friends,

Today's Nail Art Tribute goes to the amazing animated Disney Channel series, Kim Possible. The show is an American animated series that air on Disney Channel in 2002.


The show combined slapstick with witty humor as well as retro-inspired animation with computer-generated aspects. The series is about the eponymous character Kim Possible who is a high school student that fights crime alongside her best friend (and later love interest) Ron Stoppable.


Kim and Ron solve mysteries and fight crime internationally with their main enemies being Dr. Drakken and his right hand, Shego.

They also partner with a 10-year-old named Wade who communicates to the team via a video-capable device called a Kimmunicator which arguably has the best ring tone ever.

With Ron providing comic relief and interesting moments with his pet mole rat, Rufus, Kim shines as the fearless leader. She can lead her Cheer Squad, roundhouse kick any evil henchman, and maintain a killer fashion sense. Her crop top game was on point!

I chose to represent Kim, Ron, and Shego. I included Rufus in Ron's pocket and I have Shego's flames on the pinky. Grab a Naco and listen to the Naked Mole Rap while you feast your eyes on this set.



Nail Polish Used:

Mint (lime green)-LA Colors
Pitch Black Darkness (black)-RK by Ruby Kisses
Electrifying Pink (pink)-OPI
Emerald (green)-Celavi

Everybody Get Up, It's Time to Slam Now-Space Jam Nail Art Tribute.


It's Friday, Friends!

It's been a long time coming and I am proud to introduce today's nail art tribute to 90's Cult Classic film, Space Jam. 

Space Jam is a 1996 animated/live action sports film that was geared toward family audiences starring NBA Legend, Michael Jordan.

In the film, Jordan has recently retired from playing professional basketball and is having an unsuccessful stint as a professional baseball player. Jordan struggles to adjust to his life outside the NBA and is the laughing stock of his baseball team.
Meanwhile, Aliens residing on Moron Mountain hatch a plot to enslave the Looney Tunes in order to force them to work in their theme park. The Looney Tunes challenge the Aliens to a basketball game in order to win their freedom.

Much to their chagrin, the Aliens went to a few NBA games and stole the ability to excel at the sport by possessing the best players on the team. With the essence stolen from the players, the Aliens begin to take on the players physical features going from small statures to gargantuan builds.

The Looney Tunes then journey to earth in order to convince Michael Jordan to play for their team so that they could keep their freedom.

Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes were like Peanut Butter and Chocolate in the '90s, a perfect match. Space Jam isn't the first time the two entities collided but it was the best time. Sports fans got to geek out and kids got some laugh.
Ad for "Hare Jordan" shirt that ran from 1992-1999.

Although the film had mix reviews from the critics, it generated $6 billion dollars in revenue, its soundtrack when 6-times platinum, and is set to get a sequel with Lebron James at the helm in 2021.

For all you nostalgia buffs, you can visit the original Space Jam site at the following link

Say "Hello" to the Space Jam set and relive the dopeness of this gem of a film.



It's-A Me, Mario!-Mario Bros. Nail Art Tribute

Hello Friends,

Today's manicure will pay tribute to the Mario franchise.

Mario was originally named "Mr. Video" and debuted in 1981 in the Donkey Kong arcade game. In his first incarnation, Mario was a carpenter that had a pet ape named Donkey Kong who kidnaped Mario's girlfriend, Pauline. The object of the game is to save Pauline by dodging obstacles.

The character got his name when his creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, promised to pay Nintendo of America's warehouse landlord named Mario, all the past due rent. Miyamoto decided to name the character after the landlord. 

In 1983, Mario Bros. was released in arcades. Mario was introduced as the main character with his nationality identified as Italian-American who worked as a plumber in New York alongside his younger brother, Luigi. Mario and Luigi battled monsters that came out of the sewers.

Super Mario Bros. was released in 1985 when audiences were introduced to the Mushroom Kingdom and its host of characters such as Princess Toadstool (Peach), and King Koopa (Bowser) with Mario going on a quest to save the former from the later.

Since it's a debut, Mario has been dubbed Nintendo's mascot and as one of the most successful video games of all time. 

My experience playing Mario came from helping him dodge barrels that Donkey Kong threw on the original Nintendo game console. I also have spent many a night playing Mario Kart on N64 with my Brother.
I chose to represent Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach. 

Let me know your favorite Nintendo game in the comments below, till the next time!



 Nail Polish Used:

Hotblooded (Red) LA Colors
Sea Jewels (Blue) RK by Ruby Kisses
Kashmere (White) Sinful Kisses

Emerald (Green) Celavi
Sea Jewels (Blue) RK by Ruby Kisses
Kashmere (White) Sinful Kisses
Lemonade (Yellow) Kiss

Hotblooded (Red) LA Colors
Sea Jewels (Blue) RK by Ruby Kisses
Kashmere (White) Sinful Kisses
Lemonade (Yellow) Kiss

Princess Peach
Electrifyin Pink (Light Pink) OPI
Pink Fusion (Hot Pink) RK by Ruby Kisses
Hotblooded (Red) LA Colors
Sea Jewels (Blue) RK by Ruby Kisses
Lemonade (Yellow) Kiss
Gold Medal (Gold) Sinful Colors

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