Part of Your World-The Little Mermaid Nail Art Tribute

Happy Friday!

Summer is here! I know I'm melting like a Sundae with this heat but as a mind, over matter situation, I picked another water-based Disney Classic. This Friday, I am paying tribute to the 1989 Disney film, The Little Mermaid.
The Little Mermaid is a film about a 16-year-old mermaid princess named Ariel who is fascinated by the surface world and human life.
You want thing-a-ma-bobs? I got twenty.
On one of Ariel's excursions to the surface, she encounters a handsome Prince who tossed overboard from his ship during a storm. Ariel saved his life and brought the unconscious Prince Eric to shore. Ariel begins to sing to him but she returned back to the ocean before Eric opened his eyes.

This encounter leaves Eric with a vow to find the girl with the amazing voice and leaves Ariel with the vow to trade her fin for a pair of legs in order to pursue Eric.

A disagreement with her father leads Ariel to visit Ursula, the Sea Witch. Ursula makes a deal with Ariel that gave her three days to make Eric fall in love with her and give her true love's kiss.

 In exchange for receiving a pair of legs, Ariel must give Ursula her voice. Ursula warns that if Ariel fails in her mission, Ariel would need to return to the ocean and then belong to the Sea Witch.

The Little Mermaid was an important Disney film because it was the first film to kick off the Disney Renaissance since at that point Disney last animated film was 1959's Sleeping Beauty. The Little Mermaid also set the bar high with musical production because the songs in the film were Broadway quality and original. These infectious songs would come to be a trademark in the films that succeed this gem. The film inspired two sequels and a TV series.

This film is responsible for my pretending that every bathtub and pool that I occupied was the ocean. Yes, I attempted that Mermaid hair flip, yes I  called forks "Dingle Hoppers", and I have randomly broke into "Sha la la la lahs- Kiss de Gul" many times.

The film will celebrate it's the 30th anniversary in November this year but I just couldn't wait to pay tribute to it with a manicure. Beat the heat and take a look!


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