Let's Go Crazy - A Nail Art Tirbute to Purple Rain


Happy Friday Retro Babes,

In honor of the Purple One's birthday, today's tribute is to Purple Rain. Purple Rain is a 1984 film starring Prince as the protagonist named "Kid" who is a struggling musician who has a tumultuous relationship with his band as well as a dysfunctional home life.
 Kid battles with himself as well as a rival house band, lead by Morris for supremacy at a popular Minneapolis night club. In the midst of attempting to play music that will capture his audience, Kid also tries to nurture his budding relationship with an aspiring singer, Apollonia.


Kid finally has a breakthrough when he breaks the generational curse and writes a song that was wildly popular with the club goers.  Purple Rain serves as a vehicle for Prince to showcase his talent as well as to provide a visual representation of the soundtrack that is a partner of the film.

The film performed over $70.2 million at the box office, it won an Oscar for  Best Original Song Score.

The soundtrack was filled with so many gems such as  "When Doves Cry", "I Would Die 4 U", "Take Me With U", and "The Beautiful Ones". Each time I encounter as new Prince fan who wants a good representation who Prince was as an artist, I like to direct them to the Purple Rain album which was when he really hit his stride. Common elements in his work were present in this collection such as his use of the LM-1 drum machine, the screamy guitar solos, funky synthesizers, and religious imagery.

The soundtrack broke so many barriers in that Prince became the second Black artist to be featured on MTV which marked a change in what Rock music was.

The film pushed the envelopes because of it's risqué scenes and explicit singles. Prince's song, "Darling Nikki" inspired Tipper Gore to co-found Parents Music Resource Center in 1985 after she encountered her daughter singing along to the raunchy lyrics.

The PMRC is responsible for the Parental Advisory Stickers that were emblazoned on Purple Rain and most of my other favorite albums.

I wanted to pay tribute to the iconic album cover by featuring my interpretation of Prince's Purple studded trench coat and crispy ruffled white shirt. The other nails feature the floral scenes against the white background.  So "Lets go Crazy" "Darling Nikki" and take a look at this labor of love. Let me know your favorite song from the soundtrack in the comments below!


Nail Polish Used
“Nuclear Energy” Purple by LA Colors “Kashmere” White by LA Colors “Pitch Black Darkness” Black by RK by Ruby Kisses “Pink Fusion”-Hot pink by RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails “Lemonade”-Yellow by Kiss Gel Strong Nail Polish “Hot Blooded” Red by LA Colors “Emerald” by Celva

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