DIY Diamond Suspenders

Happy Friday, Friends!  

One of my favorite memories that I have as a child was watching the TGIF line up on ABC. TGIF and pizza was the cornerstone of my Friday nights for years. Aside from Full House one of my favorite shows was Family Matters. I definitely identified with my fellow Blerd (Black Nerd) Steve Urkel. I loved his quirkiness and choice of accessories, mainly those suspenders. 

"Did I Do thhhhhaaaat?"
I'm a big fan of the 90's preppy look and I'm always looking for ways to recreate looks from the era. 
There was something so trendy and timeless about pairing black with white clothing together.
                         From Left: Alicia Silverstone & Stacy Dash, Brandy, and Tatiana Ali

As much as I like Steve's suspenders I wanted to make my pair of suspenders more chic and polished. I chose to wear black and white plaid pants, a crisp white tee with black suspenders...this was nice and boring so I thought it would be more fitting to glue diamonds to the straps.

To complete this tutorial you will need the following:

Hot Glue Gun
10-yard spool of diamond chains.

Just measure the strands, cut, apply hot glue to the suspenders, and lay the strands down on the suspenders and let them dry overnight. 

*Please be advised that you will need to glue the strands on in sections because the glue dries so quickly. Be sure to also take care not to add too much glue so that it will not overflow beyond the strand.

After about an hour and with some determination, I came up with a fun, sparkly accessory fit for a prepster. 

I have a video below of the finished product. Let me know what other retro fashion DIY's that you would like to see.


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