...Baby One More Time-Britney Spears Nail Art Tribute

Hello Friends,

Welcome to another trip down memory lane with today's nail tribute. The subject: Britney Spears.
My first time watching Britney entertain was when she was on the revival of The Mickey Mouse Club which ran form 1992-1996. She would release her debut single, "...Baby One More Time" in 1999 which debuted number one on the Billboard charts.

Since then, Britney Spears has gone on to become one of the top-selling Pop sensations of all time. Britney is known for her elaborate dance routines, glittery mid-diff baring outfits, and unique singing voice.

Britney is a living legend. I credit her and Janet Jackson as the reasons why I thought that when I hit puberty that I would magically get abs. I have fond memories of running home from school in order to get to the TV so that I wouldn't miss a single second of MTV's Total Request Live where Britney's videos dominated the countdown.

I wanted to make sure that I stayed in the fangirl mindset while I mapped out the nail art. I got a bit distracted as I doubled checked if I still knew Britney's choreography (I do!) but I was able to pick out my favorite iconic Britney looks. I narrowed it down to the following looks: 2001 VMA's "Slave 4 U" performance ensemble, ..."Baby One More Time"  schoolgirl outfit, "Toxic" flight attendant uniform, and "Oops, I Did It Again".

Enjoy the references and the video below!

A big influence from my childhood.


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