Como La Flor-Selena Nail Art Tribute

 Friday is here!

Today's nails will pay tribute to the Queen of Tejano Music, fashion designer, dancer, singer, and songwriter, Selena.

Born, April 16,1971 to Abraham and Marcella Quintanilla, Selena Quintanilla resided with her family in Lake Jackson, Texas. At just six years of age, Selena's father discovered her musical abilities. He encouraged Selena along with her siblings Suzette and A.B to perfect their craft with frequent band practice and allowing them to perform for guests of their family restaurant.
Due to a recession in the 1980s, the family was forced to close their restaurant and relocated to Corpus Cristi, Texas. It was in Corpus Cristi that the band Selena y Los Dinos was formed with Abraham acting as the band's manager. Selena y Los Dinos performed at county fairs, quinceaneras, and weddings.

In order to keep Selena in touch with her roots, her father taught her to sing songs in Spanish phonetically and she eventually began to sing in fluently in the language.


In 1989, Selena debuted her self titled album after signing with EMI Latin. The albums following her debut produced successful singles such as Baila Esta Cumbia, Como La Flor, and Amor Probhido.

In 1990, Selena met and began dating her band's new guitarist, Chris Perez. They kept their relationship a secret for fear of her family not approving of the couple. The couple eloped in 1992.


 Selena was dubbed the "Queen of Tejano Music" which at the time was heavily dominated by male-driven acts. She was characterized by her high energy dance moves and sexy outfits such as her ever-popular bustiers. Selena also managed two boutiques called Selena etc. that featured an in-house beauty salon as well as apparel.

Selena's career was reaching new heights but was cut short on March 31,1995 when she was slain by the ex-president of her fan club.

 Due to the diligence of her surviving family members and dedicated fans who want to honor her memory, Selena remains an icon.

Mac Tribute line released in 2016.
Mac released a collection inspired by the makeup worn by her, She received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Madam Tussand unveiled a wax figure in her image.
I have to be completely honest with you Dolls, that it took me a long time to decide to attempt a tribute to this icon. In my experience, Selena fans are very protective of her legacy (rightfully so) and I had to make sure that I could put something together as not to disrespect her memory. I mapped out what I wanted to do back in February but I just could not create anything that I was satisfied with.
The outfits that inspired my nail art.
I held my breath with each nail as I paid tribute to Selena's iconic ensembles. I put a lot of love in the recreation of these outfits. I included a video below. Tell me your favorite Selena songs in the comments below!


All Eyez On Me- 2Pac Nail Art Tribute

Hello Friends,

I hope your week is going well and that you have something to motivate you. 

I chose to pay tribute to 2Pac in nail form today. I know that when I am having a difficult time getting going in the morning, I like to listen to music to lift my spirits. When I have a tough task ahead of me, I like to listen to Gangsta Rap so that I can get in the headspace to handle anything that comes my way. I was raised listening to the likes of E-40, Snoop Dogg, and of course 2Pac. 


Tupac Amaru Shakur was born on Jun 16,1971 in East Harlem. His name was originally Lesane Parish Crooks, his Mother, Afeni Shakur changed his name to Tupac after a Peruvian revolutionary figure. Tupac's parents were members of the Black Panther Party which heavily influenced Tupac's more political tracks. 

Tupac and his family moved to Baltimore in 1986 where he attended a performing arts high school. He studied acting, ballet, poetry, and jazz. In 1988, Tupac's family relocated again to Oakland

, California where he became a roadie and backup dancer for an alternative rap group called Digital Underground. He went by the stage name of "2Pac" when he released his debut album in 1991, "2Pacalypse Now".

       The Original Poster for the 1992 film, Juice, starring Tupac Shakur and Omar Epps.

2Pac would go on to release several successful albums, star in six films and one TV show. His rise to fame was cut short due to his succumbing to gunshot wounds that were administered during a drive-by shooting.


2Pac was one of the pioneers of West Coast rap and his influence lives on in the hip hop community. 2Pac's catalog ranges from the socially conscious to a testament of Thug life. His flow can be distinguished by his gravelly voice and stressed emphasis at the end of his bars.

Throw up your dubs and take a look at this tribute to a 90's West Coast legend. I went the minimalist route with the tribute. Notice the rhinestone represents his nose ring. Weeeest Siiiiide!


DIY Diamond Suspenders

Happy Friday, Friends!  

One of my favorite memories that I have as a child was watching the TGIF line up on ABC. TGIF and pizza was the cornerstone of my Friday nights for years. Aside from Full House one of my favorite shows was Family Matters. I definitely identified with my fellow Blerd (Black Nerd) Steve Urkel. I loved his quirkiness and choice of accessories, mainly those suspenders. 

"Did I Do thhhhhaaaat?"
I'm a big fan of the 90's preppy look and I'm always looking for ways to recreate looks from the era. 
There was something so trendy and timeless about pairing black with white clothing together.
                         From Left: Alicia Silverstone & Stacy Dash, Brandy, and Tatiana Ali

As much as I like Steve's suspenders I wanted to make my pair of suspenders more chic and polished. I chose to wear black and white plaid pants, a crisp white tee with black suspenders...this was nice and boring so I thought it would be more fitting to glue diamonds to the straps.

To complete this tutorial you will need the following:

Hot Glue Gun
10-yard spool of diamond chains.

Just measure the strands, cut, apply hot glue to the suspenders, and lay the strands down on the suspenders and let them dry overnight. 

*Please be advised that you will need to glue the strands on in sections because the glue dries so quickly. Be sure to also take care not to add too much glue so that it will not overflow beyond the strand.

After about an hour and with some determination, I came up with a fun, sparkly accessory fit for a prepster. 

I have a video below of the finished product. Let me know what other retro fashion DIY's that you would like to see.


We can do anything that we wanna do!-Blue's Clues Nailr Art Tribute


Hello Friends,

Let's start the work week right and pay tribute to the awesome show geared toward preschoolers, Blue's Clues. Blue's Clues is an American show that combines real-life action and animation to provide an educational program. The show debuted on Nick Jr. which was an early morning to mid-afternoon scheduling block designed for preschool-aged children on the network Nickelodeon. The shows first episode ran on September 8, 1996.

The show was hosted by Steve Burns who would greet the audience in the theme song and invite them to assist him in finding clues to help solve mysteries. The clues were left by his blue spotted puppy, named Blue who would leave blue paw prints on items pertaining to the mystery on the day.

Steven carried a "Handy Dandy Notebook" and a green crayon to draw the clues that Blue left so that he could reference them later in order to solve the riddle.


The show had plenty of sing-along moments such as "Mail Time" "We Just Got a Letter" and of course "Blue's Clues". The show also had a host of characters that helped with finding clues like Shovel & Pail orMr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper with baby Paprika

The show was critically acclaimed and of Nick Jr.'s most successful shows. Steve Burns remained the host of Blues Clues until 2006 when he turned over his hosting duties to Donovan Patton who played Steve's brother, "Joe".

I was well beyond Preschool when the show debuted but I enjoyed watching the show along with my baby brother. I was sad to see Steve go. I graduated High School when he left and it was the end of an era in more ways than one. The nostalgia fairies must have heard me when Nick Jr. decided to bring back Blues Clues! To pay tribute to this amazing show and to give credit to the OG Steve, I created a set of Blue's Clues nails!

I had the hardest time with creating the art for Blue herself. I couldn't get her mouth down so I focused on painted her eyes. I also tried my best to replicate that darling orange wallpaper but the color is pretty close. I also sprinkled a few paw print clues (hint hint).

 Let me know if you want to see any more Nick Jr. Tributes in the future!


Part of Your World-The Little Mermaid Nail Art Tribute

Happy Friday!

Summer is here! I know I'm melting like a Sundae with this heat but as a mind, over matter situation, I picked another water-based Disney Classic. This Friday, I am paying tribute to the 1989 Disney film, The Little Mermaid.
The Little Mermaid is a film about a 16-year-old mermaid princess named Ariel who is fascinated by the surface world and human life.
You want thing-a-ma-bobs? I got twenty.
On one of Ariel's excursions to the surface, she encounters a handsome Prince who tossed overboard from his ship during a storm. Ariel saved his life and brought the unconscious Prince Eric to shore. Ariel begins to sing to him but she returned back to the ocean before Eric opened his eyes.

This encounter leaves Eric with a vow to find the girl with the amazing voice and leaves Ariel with the vow to trade her fin for a pair of legs in order to pursue Eric.

A disagreement with her father leads Ariel to visit Ursula, the Sea Witch. Ursula makes a deal with Ariel that gave her three days to make Eric fall in love with her and give her true love's kiss.

 In exchange for receiving a pair of legs, Ariel must give Ursula her voice. Ursula warns that if Ariel fails in her mission, Ariel would need to return to the ocean and then belong to the Sea Witch.

The Little Mermaid was an important Disney film because it was the first film to kick off the Disney Renaissance since at that point Disney last animated film was 1959's Sleeping Beauty. The Little Mermaid also set the bar high with musical production because the songs in the film were Broadway quality and original. These infectious songs would come to be a trademark in the films that succeed this gem. The film inspired two sequels and a TV series.

This film is responsible for my pretending that every bathtub and pool that I occupied was the ocean. Yes, I attempted that Mermaid hair flip, yes I  called forks "Dingle Hoppers", and I have randomly broke into "Sha la la la lahs- Kiss de Gul" many times.

The film will celebrate it's the 30th anniversary in November this year but I just couldn't wait to pay tribute to it with a manicure. Beat the heat and take a look!


Ohana means Family-Lilo & Stitch Nail Art Tribute

Aloha Friends,

Welcome to another Disney inspired Nail Art Tribute! I beginning to think I have found my niche with illustrating Disney classics on my nails. I have so much fun representing some of my favorite characters. Today's set pays tribute to Disney's 2002 hit, Lilo & Stitch.

Stitch began his journey as "Experiment 626", a product of an extraterrestrial scientist named Jamba who created him merely to cause chaos. Stitch and Jamba were en route to exile on another planet but Stitch escaped to Planet Earth. Stitch crash lands in Hawaii where he was run over, mistaken for dead, and then taken to an animal shelter.
At the Animal shelter, he meets Lilo and her older sister, Nani. Lilo is an orphan struggling with anger management after the death of her parents. Lilo is left in the care of her sister, Nani who lets Lilo adopt a dog to help her cope with her loneliness. Lilo works to tame the rambunctious Alien (who Lilo insists is a dog) and teaches him the meaning of family.

I really appreciated the animation of this film because the backgrounds were watercolor much like earlier Disney shorts and the film, Snow White.

I thought the film did a beautiful job of illustrating the complicated and loving relationship between the two sisters with Nani having to take on a more parental role to her little sister.

I also loved how there was something real about Lilo, she had her bad days, she was sassy and imaginative instead of being a one-dimensional character.

Lilo & Stitch inspired sequels, games, and a TV series that ran from 2003-2006. That series had a really catchy theme song!

Celebrate Summer and this awesome franchise by taking a look at the nails below. Let me know what other Disney classics that you would like to see as nail art.
Nail Polish Used: "Hot Blooded" by LA Colors, "Kashmere" by Sinful Colors, "Sea Jewels" KY by Ruby Kisses, "Pitch Black Darkness" RK by Ruby Kisses, "High Voltage" by LA Colors, "Wonder Mint" By Sinful Colors.


Let's Go Crazy - A Nail Art Tirbute to Purple Rain


Happy Friday Retro Babes,

In honor of the Purple One's birthday, today's tribute is to Purple Rain. Purple Rain is a 1984 film starring Prince as the protagonist named "Kid" who is a struggling musician who has a tumultuous relationship with his band as well as a dysfunctional home life.
 Kid battles with himself as well as a rival house band, lead by Morris for supremacy at a popular Minneapolis night club. In the midst of attempting to play music that will capture his audience, Kid also tries to nurture his budding relationship with an aspiring singer, Apollonia.


Kid finally has a breakthrough when he breaks the generational curse and writes a song that was wildly popular with the club goers.  Purple Rain serves as a vehicle for Prince to showcase his talent as well as to provide a visual representation of the soundtrack that is a partner of the film.

The film performed over $70.2 million at the box office, it won an Oscar for  Best Original Song Score.

The soundtrack was filled with so many gems such as  "When Doves Cry", "I Would Die 4 U", "Take Me With U", and "The Beautiful Ones". Each time I encounter as new Prince fan who wants a good representation who Prince was as an artist, I like to direct them to the Purple Rain album which was when he really hit his stride. Common elements in his work were present in this collection such as his use of the LM-1 drum machine, the screamy guitar solos, funky synthesizers, and religious imagery.

The soundtrack broke so many barriers in that Prince became the second Black artist to be featured on MTV which marked a change in what Rock music was.

The film pushed the envelopes because of it's risqué scenes and explicit singles. Prince's song, "Darling Nikki" inspired Tipper Gore to co-found Parents Music Resource Center in 1985 after she encountered her daughter singing along to the raunchy lyrics.

The PMRC is responsible for the Parental Advisory Stickers that were emblazoned on Purple Rain and most of my other favorite albums.

I wanted to pay tribute to the iconic album cover by featuring my interpretation of Prince's Purple studded trench coat and crispy ruffled white shirt. The other nails feature the floral scenes against the white background.  So "Lets go Crazy" "Darling Nikki" and take a look at this labor of love. Let me know your favorite song from the soundtrack in the comments below!


Nail Polish Used
“Nuclear Energy” Purple by LA Colors “Kashmere” White by LA Colors “Pitch Black Darkness” Black by RK by Ruby Kisses “Pink Fusion”-Hot pink by RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails “Lemonade”-Yellow by Kiss Gel Strong Nail Polish “Hot Blooded” Red by LA Colors “Emerald” by Celva

Ring by VibeSzn (use my code "DANNI" for 50% off your order.

...Baby One More Time-Britney Spears Nail Art Tribute

Hello Friends,

Welcome to another trip down memory lane with today's nail tribute. The subject: Britney Spears.
My first time watching Britney entertain was when she was on the revival of The Mickey Mouse Club which ran form 1992-1996. She would release her debut single, "...Baby One More Time" in 1999 which debuted number one on the Billboard charts.

Since then, Britney Spears has gone on to become one of the top-selling Pop sensations of all time. Britney is known for her elaborate dance routines, glittery mid-diff baring outfits, and unique singing voice.

Britney is a living legend. I credit her and Janet Jackson as the reasons why I thought that when I hit puberty that I would magically get abs. I have fond memories of running home from school in order to get to the TV so that I wouldn't miss a single second of MTV's Total Request Live where Britney's videos dominated the countdown.

I wanted to make sure that I stayed in the fangirl mindset while I mapped out the nail art. I got a bit distracted as I doubled checked if I still knew Britney's choreography (I do!) but I was able to pick out my favorite iconic Britney looks. I narrowed it down to the following looks: 2001 VMA's "Slave 4 U" performance ensemble, ..."Baby One More Time"  schoolgirl outfit, "Toxic" flight attendant uniform, and "Oops, I Did It Again".

Enjoy the references and the video below!

A big influence from my childhood.


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