"Move it, Football Head!"- Hey Arnold Nail Tribute

Hello Friends,

Welcome to another animated nail tribute! Today’s manicure is paying homage to the popular Nicktoon Hey Arnold! The Hey Arnold! pilot episode premiered July 10, 1996 during the previews for the Nickelodeon film, Harriet the Spy. The show centers on the adventures of Arnold, a boy in 4th grade who is raised by his Grandparents in an inner city Boarding House.
Arnold has a best friend Gerald who goes on adventures with him through the city as Arnold helps his classmates and housemates overcome obstacles. Unbeknownst to Arnold, his classmate, Helga Pataki, is infatuated with him. Helga hides her true feelings for Arnold and their peers by behaving antagonistically toward him.
One of Helga’s diary entries about her beloved.
The only people that know of Helga’s undying love for Arnold are Helga’s best friend, Phoebe, and Brainy who lurks in the shadows when Helga dives into her poetic rants about her crush only to receive a punch in the nose for doing so.

There are so many gems that come from the show( such as ”Stoop Kid’s afraid to leave his stoop” or the ”I Saw Your Face and Wow” song!) that I'm pretty sure the show shaped my sense of humor as a kid.

I learned lessons humility with how kind Arnold was to everyone. I learned the value being a good storyteller from Gerald. I did get a bit of my poetry from Helga but I wasn't inspired to build any shrines in my closet.

Enjoy one of the greatest Nicktoons as a manicure. I choose to represent Helga, Arnold, Gerald, and Phoebe.

Tell me what Nicktoon you think should come next in the comments below. If you love the content as much as Chocolate Boy loves chocolate, subscribe to the blog!


Nail Polish Used:
Helga: ”Hot Blooded” (Red) LA Colors, ” Electrifyin’ Pink” (Light Pink) by OPI, ”Pink Fusin” (Dark Pink) by RK by Ruby Kisses
Arnold: ”Emerald” by Celavi mixed with ”Sea Jewels” (Royal Blue) by RK by Ruby Kisses, ”Hot Blooded”(Red) by LA Colors, ”Kashmere” by Sinful Colors. 
Gerald: ”Hot Blooded” (Red) by LA Colors and ”Kashmere” by Sinful Colors
Phoebe: ”Sea Jewels” (Royal Blue) by RK by Ruby Kisses, ”Wonder Mint” (Light Blue) by Sinful Colors. ”Pitch Black Darkness” (Black) by RK by Ruby Kisses


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