"Hakuna Matata"- Lion King Nail Art Tribute

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Welcome to a nail art tribute to the 1994 Disney classic, The Lion King. The Lion King is an animated film about a young lion cub named Simba who resides in the pride lands of Africa with his family.
Simba is destined to become King of his pride but interference from his Father's Brother, Scar changes the course of Simba's destiny. Scar murders his Brother, convinces his nephew that he was responsible for his Father's demise, and enlists the help of his henchmen to chase Simba out of the area so that he may assume the role of Kinng.
This scene haunted my dreams as a child.
While running away from home, Simba comes into contact with a Meerkat and a Warthog named Timon and Puma who then take the young cub under their wing to raise him into adulthood.
By chance, Simba reunites with his childhood confidant, Nala in the wild.
With the help of Nala and a Baboon shaman, Simba gains that courage to return to Pride Rock. After a battle ensues, Simba is able to take his place as King and restores the pride lands back to prosperity.
The Animators of the film spent time studying real animals as references for the characters. The film had over 500 animators, technicians, and artists contribute to its creation. It was the highest grossing film in 1994 as well as being the best selling videotape of 1995 once the film left theaters.

The Lion King produced sequels, a couple tv spin-offs, merchandise, and Broadway show. 90's babies and Disney fanatics will be treated to a CGI/live action reboot of the original Summer of 2019 and I just can't wait... to see it.

Take a look at my interpretation of the Hakuna Matata scene and hum the song while you watch the video on its creation.
Let me know if the comments below if you think of a Disney Tribute for decades past that you would like to see me recreate.

Nail Polish Used:

"Sea Jewels" (Blue)RK by Ruby Kisses
"Kashmere" (White) by Sinful Colors
"Lemonade"(Yellow) by Kiss
"Hot blooded" (Red)by LA Colors
"Wonder Mint" (Mint) by Sinful Colors
"Pitch Black Darkness" (Black) by RK by Ruby Kisses
"Over Easy" "Brown) by Sinful Colors
"Orange You Jealous" (Orange) by RK by Ruby Kisses

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