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It's Friday, Y’all! We made it!

 I know that I love all my nail babies the same but this seems my favorite set to date. In honor of the upcoming "All That" reboot, say ”Hello” to today's nail tribute that honors the beloved skit and film Good Burger.
"I'm a Dude, He's a Dude, She's a Dude, cause we're all Dudes-HEY!"
The Nickelodeon production was released to theaters on July 25, 1997, which starred the iconic comedy duo Kenan & Kel.

 Kenan & Kel were my favorite part of the SNICK lineup. I have good memories of watching their antics and impeccable comedic timing. The film is a spin-off of a popular skit on the youth comedy sketch show, All That.
The stand-alone film retained Kel as the quirky cashier, ”Ed” of the burger restaurant with Kenan featured as a new character named ”Dexter” who is begrudgingly employed at Good Burger for the Summer to raise the funds to repair a the car he wrecked while trying to avoid hitting Ed as he crossed the street.

Good Burger is in danger of closing due to the opening of a trendy restaurant called ”Mondo Burger”. Although Mondo Burger uses genetically modified ingredients in their food, Good Burger struggles to maintain its business until Ed creates a secret sauce that quickly boosts sales.
Hilarity ensues as the duo attempt to keep the recipe secret from Mondo Burger who would stop at nothing to defeat their competition.

This movie had cameos from 90’s icons like Sinbad, Carmen Electra, and Marques Houston.  The lovely, Shar Jackson of Moesha fame was part of the cast. There were appearances of All That cast members such Lori Beth Denburg reprising her role as ”Connie Muldoon” a frequent customer of the establishment and Josh Server as Fizz. Let's also not forget about
Carmen Electra, Sinbad, and Marques Houston.
There was a funky dance scene lead by George Clinton to the Funkadelic’s 1978 classic "(Not Just) Knee Deep" which will have you dancing along with the cast.

We were treated to iconic lines such as:
Last but not least we have the ultimate 90’s Ska remix to Ed’s work song, "We're All Dudes”.

I could continue to wax nostalgia but alas, we have nails to get to. Please enjoy the video below and let me know if you plan on watching the "All That" reboot.


Nail Polish Used:

Kenan & Kel
"Kashmere" by Sinful Colors
"Wonder Mint " by Sinful Colors

Good Burger
"Over Easy" by Sinful Colors
"Lemonade" by RK by Ruby Kisses
"Orange You Jealous" by RK by Ruby Kisses
"Hot Blooded" by LA Colors

Good Fries
"Lemonade" by RK by Ruby Kisses
"Pitch Black Darkness" by RK by Ruby Kisses
"Kashmere" by Sinful Colors

"Hakuna Matata"- Lion King Nail Art Tribute

Hello Friends,

Welcome to a nail art tribute to the 1994 Disney classic, The Lion King. The Lion King is an animated film about a young lion cub named Simba who resides in the pride lands of Africa with his family.
Simba is destined to become King of his pride but interference from his Father's Brother, Scar changes the course of Simba's destiny. Scar murders his Brother, convinces his nephew that he was responsible for his Father's demise, and enlists the help of his henchmen to chase Simba out of the area so that he may assume the role of Kinng.
This scene haunted my dreams as a child.
While running away from home, Simba comes into contact with a Meerkat and a Warthog named Timon and Puma who then take the young cub under their wing to raise him into adulthood.
By chance, Simba reunites with his childhood confidant, Nala in the wild.
With the help of Nala and a Baboon shaman, Simba gains that courage to return to Pride Rock. After a battle ensues, Simba is able to take his place as King and restores the pride lands back to prosperity.
The Animators of the film spent time studying real animals as references for the characters. The film had over 500 animators, technicians, and artists contribute to its creation. It was the highest grossing film in 1994 as well as being the best selling videotape of 1995 once the film left theaters.

The Lion King produced sequels, a couple tv spin-offs, merchandise, and Broadway show. 90's babies and Disney fanatics will be treated to a CGI/live action reboot of the original Summer of 2019 and I just can't wait... to see it.

Take a look at my interpretation of the Hakuna Matata scene and hum the song while you watch the video on its creation.
Let me know if the comments below if you think of a Disney Tribute for decades past that you would like to see me recreate.

Nail Polish Used:

"Sea Jewels" (Blue)RK by Ruby Kisses
"Kashmere" (White) by Sinful Colors
"Lemonade"(Yellow) by Kiss
"Hot blooded" (Red)by LA Colors
"Wonder Mint" (Mint) by Sinful Colors
"Pitch Black Darkness" (Black) by RK by Ruby Kisses
"Over Easy" "Brown) by Sinful Colors
"Orange You Jealous" (Orange) by RK by Ruby Kisses

You've Got a Friend in Me -Toy Story Nail Art Tribute

The happiest Friday to you, friends!

I hope that everyone is having a glorious day.  Let us go back in time to 1995. On November  22, 1995, Toy Story was released by Pixar to theaters. Toy Story was one of the first American Computer-Animated feature-length films and the first film for Pixar.

Toy Story is about a group of toys owned by a little boy named Andy. The toys come to life when humans are no in the room. The toys are lead by Woody, the cowboy doll, who is Andy's favorite toy. Woody's main objective is to get his fellow toys prepared for the impending move that Andy's family will make to a new house.
The pecking order is disturbed by the arrival of a new toy, an astronaut action figure named Buzz Lightyear that Andy received as a birthday present.

Buzz becomes popular amongst his peers in Andy's room and it is not long before he becomes Andy's favorite toy. Woody is wounded by this turn of events but finds a bit of humor in that Buzz has not come to the realization that he is a toy and not "Thee" Buzz Lightyear.

The two remain at odds until they wind up in the clutches of Sid, the sadistic boy that lives next door. Buzz & Wood team up to escape their doom and reunite with their friends in time to move to the new house.

Toy Story featured the iconic voices of Tom Hanks as Woody and Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear who have built up a hilarious dynamic throughout the entire franchise. We were also treated to the musical stylings of Randy Newman for the film's soundtrack.

This movie was my brother's favorite movie growing up, I remember him sneaking up on his toys to see if he could catch them coming to life.

I thought a manicure paying tribute to this beloved franchise is just the right amount of whimsy to bring to this ending of the week as well as a way to prepare for the upcoming installment to the series.

I chose to represent Woody, Buzz, a Piza Planet reason (for obvious reasons), the wallpaper in Andy's room, and the bottom of Woody's boot that was affectionately branded by Andy.

I've got a video for you all below of the process behind the nails. Let me know if there are any Disney or Pixar favorites that you would like to see represented next?

To infinity & beyond!

Nail Polish Used:


"Kashmere" by Sinful Colors
"Hot Blooded" by LA Colors
"Pitch Black Darkness" by RK by Ruby Kisses

Woody's Boot

"OverEasy" by Sinful Colors
"Pitch Black Darkness" by RK by Ruby Kisses


"Kashmere" by Sinful Colors
"Purple Passion" by LA Colors
"Hot Blooded" by LA Colors
"Sea Jewels" by RK by Ruby Kisses
"Wonder Mint" by Sinful Colors

Pizza Planet Alien

"Wonder Mint" by Sinful Colors
"Mint" LA Colors
"Kashmere" by Sinful Colors
"Pitch Black Darkness" by RK by Ruby Kisses

Andy's wallpaper

"Wonder Mint" by Sinful Colors
"Kashmere" by Sinful Colors

Jinkies!- A Scooby-Doo Nail Art Tribute

For as long as I can remember, I've had trouble staying asleep the whole night. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night for a drink of water and then I would be awake to watch the sunrise. To lull myself back to sleep, I would watch TV.  As a child of the 90's I had to suffer through watching the TV scroll through endless TV listings.                                                                                                        
During the time of my insomnia, I was heartbroken by that fact that at that time, there weren't any 24 cartoon channels. Imagine my surprise after I discovered that TNT played animated classics after hours. The first cartoon that I had ever seen on TNT was Scooby Doo, Where Are You! I had never seen any program like Scooby Doo before and I have to say I was hooked.

I laughed at Scooby and Shaggy's antics. I wondered why Fred would suggest that the groups split up to look for clues and that he and Daphne would always pair up.

 I also wondered why Velma wasn't the leader of the group when she was clearly capable.

Scooby-Doo is a cartoon franchise that debuted as part of the Hanna-Barbera Saturday Morning Cartoon series. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! debuted in 1969 about a group of teenagers along with their Great Dane driving in a van looking for supernatural crimes and legends to solve. The original show ran on CBS from 1969-1975.


The Scooby-Doo franchise has enjoyed many reincarnations through several decades with the main characters retaining some of their key traits while others such as Daphne was reimagined from a danger-prone prop to a skilled martial artist who contributed more to her team. I appreciated the funky and very 80's theme song of the reboot of Scooby and the gang in The New Scooby Mysteries.

The early 90's kid version of the game, A Pup Named Scooby-Doo was one of my favorites on Cartoon Network.

I also really appreciated the 2002 classic Live-Action film Scooby Doo. How cute is it that 90's icons, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar played Freddie and Daphne (and then got married!).

Please enjoy this nail art tribute to a timeless series. Let me know if you would like to see more animated classics as manicures.

Nail Polish Used

"Over-Easy"  (brown) Sinful Colors
"Wonder Mint" (blue) Sinful Colors
"Lemonade"(yellow) RK by Ruby Kisses

"Hot Blooded" (red) LA Colors
"Orange You Jealous" (orange) RK by Ruby Kisses
"Pitch Black Darkness (black) RK by Ruby Kisses

"Emerald" (green) Celavi
"Over Easy" (brown) Sinful Colors
"Elegant" (tan) Revlon

"Sea Jewels" (blue) RK by Ruby Kisses
"Kashmere" (white) by Sinful Colors
"Orange You Jealous" RK by Ruby Kisses

"Nuclear Energy" by LA Colors
"Purple Passion" by LA Colors
"Mint" by LA Colors

"You're a Goofy Goober!" - A Spongebob Nail Art Tribute

Happy Friday, Friends!

I wanted to continue with the Nicktoons theme and I decided to pay homage to one of the longest-running Nicktoons which is none other than the legendary, Spongebob SquarePants.

Spongebob’s pilot episode aired after the 1999 Nickelodeon's Kid’s Choice Awards and has since graced the network's lineup consistently with the adventures of the yellow sea sponge and the citizens of Bikini Bottom. The program just celebrated it’s 20th anniversary!

Spongebob is characterized by his aggressive optimism, high pitch laugh, and breaking into song at random. SpongeBob will inject his positivity into any situation that needs his attention. SpongeBob lives in a Pineapple with his pet snail, Gary.

SpongeBob's adventures center around his job as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab or the shenanigans between he and Patrick Star, the pink starfish. Patrick is typically portrayed as dimwitted but exercises wisdom at the most unexpected times.
Stephen Hillenburg, The creator of the show, studied to be a Marine biologist. He used his love of art to illustrate his passion for the ocean and the creatures that reside in it. He passed away in 2018 due to illness but his legacy will live on.

With unforgettable songs such as the F-U-N Song, the Pizza delivery song, and the ripped pants song, this show is bound to be wedged in your subconscious.

The show spawned several TV specials, a motion picture, merchandise, and even a live action

I hope all of you Goofy Goobers enjoy the nail art and subscribe to the blog unless you're being real Weenie Hut Jr. about it.


Nail Polish Used:


”Lemonade” (yellow) RK by Ruby Kisses ”Mint” (light green) by LA Colors

”Kashmere” (white) by Sinful Colors ”Sea Jewels” (blue) by RK by Ruby Kisses “Hot blooded” (red) by LA Colors


“Kashmere” (white) by Sinful Colors “Over Easy” (brown) by Sinful Colors “Pitch Black” (Black) by RK by Ruby Kisses “Hot blooded” (red) by LA Colors


“Electrifyin Pink” (light pink) by OPI “Pink Fusion” (Hot pink) RK by Ruby Kisses


“Mint” (light green) by LA Colors “Nuclear Energy” (Dark Purple)by LA Colors

"Move it, Football Head!"- Hey Arnold Nail Tribute

Hello Friends,

Welcome to another animated nail tribute! Today’s manicure is paying homage to the popular Nicktoon Hey Arnold! The Hey Arnold! pilot episode premiered July 10, 1996 during the previews for the Nickelodeon film, Harriet the Spy. The show centers on the adventures of Arnold, a boy in 4th grade who is raised by his Grandparents in an inner city Boarding House.
Arnold has a best friend Gerald who goes on adventures with him through the city as Arnold helps his classmates and housemates overcome obstacles. Unbeknownst to Arnold, his classmate, Helga Pataki, is infatuated with him. Helga hides her true feelings for Arnold and their peers by behaving antagonistically toward him.
One of Helga’s diary entries about her beloved.
The only people that know of Helga’s undying love for Arnold are Helga’s best friend, Phoebe, and Brainy who lurks in the shadows when Helga dives into her poetic rants about her crush only to receive a punch in the nose for doing so.

There are so many gems that come from the show( such as ”Stoop Kid’s afraid to leave his stoop” or the ”I Saw Your Face and Wow” song!) that I'm pretty sure the show shaped my sense of humor as a kid.

I learned lessons humility with how kind Arnold was to everyone. I learned the value being a good storyteller from Gerald. I did get a bit of my poetry from Helga but I wasn't inspired to build any shrines in my closet.

Enjoy one of the greatest Nicktoons as a manicure. I choose to represent Helga, Arnold, Gerald, and Phoebe.

Tell me what Nicktoon you think should come next in the comments below. If you love the content as much as Chocolate Boy loves chocolate, subscribe to the blog!


Nail Polish Used:
Helga: ”Hot Blooded” (Red) LA Colors, ” Electrifyin’ Pink” (Light Pink) by OPI, ”Pink Fusin” (Dark Pink) by RK by Ruby Kisses
Arnold: ”Emerald” by Celavi mixed with ”Sea Jewels” (Royal Blue) by RK by Ruby Kisses, ”Hot Blooded”(Red) by LA Colors, ”Kashmere” by Sinful Colors. 
Gerald: ”Hot Blooded” (Red) by LA Colors and ”Kashmere” by Sinful Colors
Phoebe: ”Sea Jewels” (Royal Blue) by RK by Ruby Kisses, ”Wonder Mint” (Light Blue) by Sinful Colors. ”Pitch Black Darkness” (Black) by RK by Ruby Kisses

A Goofy Movie- Powerline Nail Art Tribute

In 1995, the world was blessed with the cult favorite film, A Goofy Movie. Capitalizing on the success of the animated series Goof Troop, A Goofy Movie centers on Goofy, who is an attentive single father to his teenager, Max, who Goofy fears is growing apart from him.

Max struggles to be accepted by his peers and is craving the attention of his crush, Roxanne. When it seems that Max finally won Roxanne over, his Dad tears him away for a road trip to a fishing destination that threatens to last the entire Summer break putting Max's budding relationship with Roxanne on shaky ground.

 There are great jokes throughout the film and hilarious musical numbers. Aside from the joke songs, my ears were caressed by Tevin Campbell's vocals as he provides the singing voice for the fictional pop star, Powerline. Today's manicure pays tribute to Powerline and Max.
 Topped with a gravity-defying Jheri curl in the front and a crispy line up in the back, Behold Powerline!
Powerline was based on Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson, and Prince. The dance moves, the stage presence, and the Superstar elements from his predecessors was a recipe to an animated icon.
I'm not ashamed to say that I sang the Powerline songs as if they were on the radio because that is how much effort was put into the songs. Tevin sang those songs as if they were the last that he was ever going to sing.
Max belongs in the "Shoot Your Shot" Hall of Fame
He dressed up as his idol, Powerline. He then got his homies to help him commandeer the school assembly right in the middle of the Principal's announcement in order for him to pop lock and serenade his crush in front of the whole school. She was digging it, the whole school caught a vibe, and Max found his confidence.
These nails feature Max's face when he dressed as Powerline. "Stand out above the crowd" and take a look at the video below and see if you can follow along. What were your favorite songs from the film? Let me know!



Nail Polish Used:

"Lemonade" (Yellow) RK by Ruby Kisses
"Pitch Black Darkness (Black) RK by Ruby Kisses

*If you are are regular around here, you may notice that the last two nails are recycled from the Pikachu Tribute, lol.

A Whole New World - An Aladdin Nail Art Tribute

As a proud 90's kid, I thank my lucky stars for being around for the Golden Age of Disney Animation. Each movie that dropped was a hit, all the songs were Broadway level amazing, and each film was an immersive experience.

 You didn't just watch a Disney film, you lived it. They made you believe in magic and that anything was possible. I love the whole Disney catalogue but as far as Disney movies from the 90's, Aladdin was the best one. Fight me.

Aladdin is the best Disney Renaissance film. Don't argue with me.
Released in 1992, the animated film, Aladdin was based on an anthology of Middle Eastern folk lore entitled "The Book of One Thousand and One Nights".

The story follows the adventures of Aladdin, the titular character who has nothing but his street smarts and his monkey companion, Abu to help him navigate life on the streets of Agrabah. By chance, he meets the beautiful Princess Jasmine who was in disguise in the marketplace that he and Abu often frequent.

 Aladdin was shocked to discover that he girl he met was royalty.
Being overcome with his feelings for Jasmine, Aladdin laments that he would not be able to win Jasmine over without wealth and a royal title.

An opportunity presents itself when Aladdin is recruited by the royal Vizer, Jafar to go on a quest to the Cave of Wonders where he must retrieve a magic lamp that would grant the recipient three wishes.
With Robin Williams in his iconic role as the Genie, this film had the perfect amount of humor and whimsy to it.

  What I loved most about the film  was that Princess Jasmine was the first Princess of color that I've ever seen and she was strong! She wasn't a damsel in distress, she was a strong-willed individual who didn't want to be stifled by outdated traditions. I loved that she had a voice.
It does my heart proud to know that the live action reboot will be coming to theaters soon so that the new generation can be enchanted by the story too.

Please enjoy the nail art that I've created to celebrate a big piece of my childhood. I choose to represent Jasmine, Aladdin, Raja, the Magic Carpet, and Genie. There is a video as well. This nail video is longer than usual because of all the detail that went into each character.

Tell me in the comments what your favorite Disney movie is!



Supplies used:

  Nail polish:


"Wonder Mint" (light blue) Sinful Colors
"Sea Jewels" (royal Blue) RK by Ruby Kisses
“Hot blooded” (red) by LA Colors
“Orange U Jealous”-(orange color) by RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails
“Pitch Black Darkness” (black) by RK by Ruby Kisses
 Magic Carpet
“High Voltage” (purple) by LA Colors
“Hot blooded” (red) by LA Colors
"Velvet"(light purple) by LA Colors 

"Kashmere" (off white) by Sinful Colors"Elegant" (tan) by Revlon
 “Hot blooded” (red) by LA Colors
“Pitch Black Darkness” (black) by RK by Ruby Kisses
“High Voltage” (purple) by LA Colors
“Pitch Black Darkness” (black) by RK by Ruby Kisses
"Elegant" (tan) by Revlon
“Wonder Mint" by Sinful Colors

Memphis-Milano Inspired Nail Art

Memphis-Milano was an Italian architecture group that was responsible for post-modern furniture that inspired a pop culture movement. The group was founded by Ettore Sottsass in 1980.

A little Fisher-Price, a little Art Exhibit.
The group drew influence from Art Deco and Pop Art to create their Avant-garde houseware. The characteristics of Memphis-Milano designs are bright colors, geometric shapes, and asymmetry.
If it's a juxtaposition between the mundane and the outrageous, then that is Memphis-Milano!


I used a nail stencil and bushes from this kit in order to capture a design that is so quintessentially 80's. Get retro with me and take a look at the video of the process.


Supplies used:

Nail Art Fashion Design Kit

 Nail polish:

“Lemonade”-(yellow color) by Kiss Gel Strong Nail Polish
“Hot blooded” red by LA Color

Electrifyin’ Pink”-(Light pink color)OPI

“Sea Jewels”-(royal blue)by RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails
“Nuclear Energy”-(Grape purple color)by LA Colors

Happy Friday!

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