When Doves Cry-Making a Prince Inspired Denim Jacket

It has been nearly 3 years since this world lost one of talented Artists of this dimension. What better way to honor his memory than to customize a jean jacket in his honor, yes? Yes.


Although the patch appears to feature Prince from his Under the Cherry Moon/Parade era, I decided to make the jacket a Diamonds and Pearls theme.

I had a Prince patch that I bought from Dimple Records a few birthdays ago that has been living on my nightstand because I hadn't come across a project worthy enough for his likeness...until now.

I spent approximately 4 hours thrifting to find the perfect (budget-friendly) jean jacket. I found a beauty for a little over $7 dollars! It had rips in it and some panels had some fading which made me love it more. It was so vintage.

For this customization I used the following:

Denim Jacket
Hot Glue Gun
Silver Rhinestones
Prince Patch
3 Pearl Necklaces
Sewing Kit

The instructions called for a clean surface to adhere to. I put my jean jacket into the was on the gently cycle and air dried it. Once it was nice and clean, I set my iron to the highest setting.

I placed my patch on the jacket (the left side closest to my heart) I laid down a cloth as a barrier between the iron and the patch, otherwise I would never forgive myself for hurting Prince's beautiful face.
I held the iron on the patch for about 30 seconds and I adhered the patch in sections. Once the patch was on I was ready for rhinestones.

I used my Pick-n-stick to pick up the rhinestones. I dropped a little dollop of hot glue on the back of each stone and then laid the stones on the sleeves of the jacket. I will admit that I got a bit lazy and began to draw line of glue on the jacket , then I proceeded to drop the stones on the glue before it dried. I was left with little spider webs of glue on the sleeves because I used too much. I also ran into the trouble of putting the glue down on the jacket first and then it dried before I could lay down the stones.

The final component of the denim jacket would be the pearl necklace applications. I wanted the jacket to be dramatic in the back. i chose to let the necklaces drape off the back. I also thrifted these necklaces for $5 each.  I bought 5 but only needed 3.

I took two of the longer string of pearls apart the form the lower rungs. I sewed the necklaces to the jacket using the over under technique (or weaving? I don't know how to sew, lol).
Front of the jacket

Back of the jacket

Broken tripods aside, I enjoyed making the jacket as much as I enjoyed filming the making of the jacket. Take a look at the finished product . If you want to see the process, listen to my voice, and if you have a minute, take a look at the video below.

Also let me know, what do you think of this DIY? Should I do more of these in the future? Happy Friday, Loves!

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