Pizza Friday- Pizza Nail Art Tribute (Story Time)

                  Ode to Pizza (Story Time!)
This lovely pizza pie comes from the Simpsons.

As a kid, Fridays were my favorite day of the week. Fridays were the marker of three things: 

#1. The start of the weekend.

#2. The green light to stay up late.

 #3. Pizza for dinner. 


It didn't matter what kind of nonsense I had to endure through the week as long as I could experience a lovely cheese pull when I separated my slice from the pizza box. Much to my parent's chagrin, their little princess blossomed into a strange awkward thing who would rather cut off an appendage than hold a conversation. As a way to combat my shyness, they used my love of pizza to bring me out of my shell. 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Heroes & Pizza Lovers

My Mom often left it up to me to determine whether or not we had pizza on Friday nights by making it my responsibility to order it every time. I would come home after school and sit for hours trying to muster up the courage to order our dinner.

 First, I had to lug the gigantic phone book to the kitchen table. 

Second, I had to flip to the letter "P" in the yellow pages. 

Third, I had to select the Pizza parlor that would be up to the task of getting hung up on the first couple of times I called. I just couldn't take that kind of pressure.

After placing the order, I would do a little victory dance but the magic would be soon over as the ominous cloud that is my anxiety would creep back over me when I would realize that I would have to interact with the delivery person.  

No amount of bargaining with my family would save me from the hell that was the awkward transaction between the delivery person and I. Although I knew that they were coming, my heart would drop at hearing the knock at the door. With shaky hands, I'd open the door. I would mumble a greeting and give them a fistful of cash.  When it was safe, I'd drown in cheese until my little heart was content. 


I blame 80's and 90's cartoons for my pizza obsession. The cheese always seemed to melt off the crust.
Left column: All Dogs Go to Heaven, Daria, & Doug.
Right column: Doug, Rocko's Modern Life, & Hey Arnold.
I could also blame my neighborhood where Godfather's pizza reigned supreme because they would throw in a giant cookie" pizza" for dessert. Washoe County School district is also a culprit because they would host pizza Fridays for lunch from some of the best pizza chains in the area and for a dollar more you could get TWO slices at lunchtime. Lord.

For whatever reason, pizza and I have a great relationship. If I wasn't so pizza driven, I would have never learned any social skills. Please enjoy my newest set and video of its creation. 

Happy Pizza Friday!

  Supplies Used:

Nail Polish

“Velvet”-(Lilac) by Sinful Colors
"Orange U Jealous(Orange) by RK by Ruby Kisses
“Lemonade”-(Yellow) by Kiss Gel Strong Nail Polish
“Hot blooded” (Red) by LA Colors

Nail Art brushes are from this kit

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