Making a 90’s Inspired Prom Dress

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Welcome to another Do-it-yourself Fashion blog post. Today I wanted to share with you all the dress that I made for prom last weekend. Yes. I said ”Prom”. Although I am well beyond the high school stage, the Hubs and I were prom  chaperones for one of the local High schools in the area. Don’t get me wrong, I had a good time at my Senior Prom but I did enjoy revisiting my youth by constructing the dress of fantasies.
When I was a kid, I grew up watching “She’s All That”, “Never Been Kissed”, and every show on the TGIF lineup that featured awesome prom scenes which set my prom expectations sky high.

 I went to google and type in a few keywords and found a few dresses that were exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for a long dress with a slit (so very 90’s), I wanted tulle for dramatic purposes, and I had to have butterflies. I came across these cute vintage dresses by Tadashi Shoji. Once I had my inspiration I went to work making a formal version of the dresses I found.
One of the vintage Tadashi Shoji dresses. *Sigh*
I found a black tulle dress (with a slit) on Amazon. The dress was plain and I thought a gold bodice was just what it needed (links are in pink above).

Once I ordered those item, I went to the craft store for some butterflies. I found some feather butterflies in the garden section of the craft store. I wanted to stay on theme and have the butterflies be gold/glittery.

 I bought a gold glitter spray paint and attempted the bling out the bugs. I was about to cry when I saw that I used most of the can and the butterflies still were very glittery. I counted my losses and proceeded with the butterflies anyway.
Only about 40% of the glitter stuck to the wings. 
I chose to see to the top of the dress together to make the plunging neckline a bit more modest. I also sewed the bodice on to the dress. I used a hot glue gun to attached the butterflies to the tulle. The glue
 got a bit messy but luckily, the excess glue was easy to scratch away from the material.


All this resulted in a wonderful formal dress that had the right amount of whimsy and nostalgia to it.
This craft didn’t take too long to complete. I really enjoyed making this that I almost wish I had an excuse to do another formal project.

As usual I have a video below. Tell me in the comments if you prefer more manicures or if you want to explore more fashion DIY’s.

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