Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Nail Art Tribute

My life used to revolve around getting as much cheese into my tummy as I could handle. While my cheese habit was often satisfied by pizza, on other occasions I was blessed with a bowl Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. 


The cheese sauce was florescent orange in color and it tasted like love & hugs. If my parents were feeling jazzy, they would add in sliced hot dogs or tuna to the pasta dish. Genius.

The marketing team that Kraft had in the '90s were really on a role; all of the commercials had extremely catchy jingles. I had the "blues" if I didn't get my weekly box of Mac. Click here to watch the iconic 1996 blues inspired jingle.

Sometimes the macaroni would come in interesting shapes if they were cross-promoting with a cartoon such as Animaniacs or Rugrats, the noodles would come in the shape of the characters. The character shaped noodles did not always cook all the way through. Did that bother me? Naw. Did it hinder my cheese experience? Never that. Cheese life or no life!                                                                           

While I fantasized about swimming in a cheese river, I created a manicure that paid tribute to the little blue box that contained this American treasure. I tried my best to write the brand name on my thumb. Suspend disbelief and pretend that it is an exact replica, thanks! 


Supplies Used:

Nail Polish

“Lemonade”-(yellow color) by Kiss Gel Strong Nail Polish

"Orange U Jealous(Orange) by RK by Ruby Kisses

“Sea Jewels”-(royal blue)by RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails

“Hot blooded” (red) by LA Colors

“Kashmere” (off white) by Sinful Colors

“Wonder Mint” (teal) by Sinful Colors

Top Coat:

"Frosting" by LA Colors

Nail Art brushes are from this kit

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