I Choose You! Pikachu Nail Art Tribute

Pika, Pika, Pikachu!
"Pokemon"(or Pocket Monsters) were introduced from Japan to American televisions in 1997. Pokemon the anime series was based on the Nintendo game. In the anime series of the game, Ash Ketchum is the protagonist whose adventures that we follow. He is a hyperactive 10-year-old boy who dreams of one day becoming a Pokemon Master.
To achieve his dream he must stalk these fictional creatures and wrangle them by throwing a device called a "Pokeball" at his target which captures the creatures and houses them inside. Once the Pokemon is captured he must work hard to train them to fight monsters that belong to other individuals.  

 Ash's companions are Misty, a Cerulean City Gym Leader, Brock a Pokemon Breeder/Gym Leader from Pewter City, and the adorable Electric Pokemon, Pikachu.


Pikachu is unique in that he and Ash have developed trust between one another and behave more as friends rather than Pikachu hanging out in a Pokeball all day like other Pokemon.

This show was hit with American children. The playgrounds were flooded with Pokemon merchandise to the extent that it was dubbed a "craze"; rightful so because this show came issued with a warning as some of the sequences have been known to cause epilepsy in some children.

Gotta Catch Em All!

The series had a trading card game that acted as a companion to the new developments in the show. These cards were banned from
playgrounds due to the near riots that would
start over the Pokemon battles. Pokemon cards went the way of the slap bracelet in that you had to hide behind the slide to play with them so that you wouldn't get sent to the Principle's office.

Pikachu is one of the most recognizable characters of the franchise and today's tribute is dedicated to this cutie.
Retro cuties, where ya at?                                        


Supplies Used:

Nail polish: 

"Lemonade”(yellow) by Kiss Gel Strong Nail Polish.
“Pitch Black Darkness” (black) by RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails
"Hot blooded-(red) by LA Colors
 "Kashmere" (off white)by Sinful Colors

Nail brush and nail tape from the nail art kit in this link

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