Easter Nail Art-Cadbury Creme Egg Nail Art Tribute

I can appreciate that the U.S commercial for Cadbury eggs has run for a little over 25 years. Click here to see the 1994 classic. Each year, a variety of animals would try out to be the mascot of Cadbury Creme Eggs and be bested each time by a rabbit that clucked like a chicken. Each time I found a Cadbury egg in my basket, I felt like a Princess.
 I went grocery shopping recently and saw a box of the eggs in the candy section. I felt a little funny putting the candy into my cart next to my spinach and Greek yogurt but for nostalgia sake, they made it home with me.


I bit into the egg after not having had one for years and dare I say they were... still exquisite! The chocolate tasted very rich and it reminded me of the high-end box of chocolate that I received as a Christmas from my office Christmas party last year. It was almost a little too sophisticated (because of the quality of chocolate) to be a childhood favorite but then came the sugar rush. I was as giddy as a schoolgirl.


Cadbury Creme Eggs are a product of the United Kingdom company of Cadbury. Cadbury partnered with Hershey to bring Cadbury eggs to the U.S in the early 1980s. The eggs are wrapped in red, blue, and green foil. The eggs can be purchased individually or they come in small boxes of say 4. The eggs have a hollow milk chocolate shell, they are filled with fondant and caramel that mimics the yolk or a real egg. These treats only appear for Easter season and then disappear for another year.

In this tribute I tried my best to mimic the foil wrapper. I'm working on my nail calligraphy (is that a thing?) but I attempted to duplicate the brands logo on my nails.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!


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