Denim Vest Custom Roses Tutorial

Hello Friends,

We are fortunate enough to have made it to another Friday! Today's tribute is to vests, the denim kind.  The '90s loved their vests, they didn't serve much of a purpose with outfits except to help the wearer look fresh to death.

 I really enjoyed customizing the Prince Jacket (click here to see the post) and I couldn't resist doing another denim post. For this project you will need the following:
Hot glue gun
Glue tubes for the hot glue gun
Silk flowers (size and color are your choice)
Denim Vest (or jacket if this floats your boat)
Before the jacket got fresh.

I wanted to be sure to make this vest pink, cute, and springy. Once, I found my vest at the thrift store (I got it for only $7!), I went to Amazon to get pink silk flowers.

When I received the flowers in the mail, they felt more like foam. The baby roses also came with a piece of light pink tulle with little white polka dots wrapped around each bloom. They were still super cute so I just kept the tulle on them. There were 144 roses in the package. I left the link to them below.

I set to work detaching the flowers from the stems they came on which were bendable green wiring. At first, I used small manicure scissors to free the flower heads but then I discovered that the flowers could be taken off by simply pulling them from the stems.


I then used a hot glue gun to add a little dollop of glue on the back of the flowers before I used them to cover the upper front panel of the vest. For fun, I added two roses each to the point of my collar and I covered most of the back panel of the vest.

This DIY project was fairly easy, however, I did have to battle with my hot glue gun. I burned my fingers several times. Somehow ended up sitting on my hot glue gun which resulted in me gluing a bunch of roses to the back of my Sacramento State Sweats and having the glue gum stuck to my booty.


May your DIY projects be fun and may your hands be deft.

Happy Friday!

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