Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice: Powerpuff Girls Nail Art Tribute.

The City of Townsville- has been under the protection of three kindergartners since November 18, 1998 on Cartoon Network . Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were conceived in a lab as a result of Professor Utonium following the instructions of an age-old adage of what makes a little girl by compiling the ingredients sugar, spice, and everything nice. While mixing his concoction, he accidentally added: "Chemical X" which resulted in the girls being born with superpowers. 
All the girls were equipped with superhuman strength, super speed, and the ability to fly. Although the sisters have the same powers, they each have their own personality as well as having abilities unique to them such as Bubbles being able to speak languages and Blossom being to produce ice breath by exhaling.
 I enjoyed this show because it was made by the same creators of Dexter's Lab as well as Samurai which are more of my favorite shows from my childhood. The Powerpuff Girls were so witty, cute and even the villains were likable. 
This show was funny, it was empowering for young girls, it had a great hero origin story, and it challenged gender roles such as featuring Professor Utonium as a doting single father who wasn’t too macho to experiment with fashion.

The Powerpuff Girls were a staple on Cartoon Network since it's pilot aired in the animation showcase "What a Cartoon" in 1995. The show has since been rebooted as of April 2, 2016 and I'm happy to see the girls still retain what made them so great during their initial run.

This Friday's tribute is to the Power Puff Girls, Mojo Jo, and that darling pink glowing heart that would appear when the narrator signed off for the day at the end of the episode. I'v got a list of supplies below, the nails and a video as well.
So once again the day is saved, Thanks to the Powerpuff Girls! Happy Friday, Loves!


Supplies used

Nail Polish:

“Electrifyin’ Pink”-(Light pink color)OPI
 “Pink Fusion”-(Hot pink color)RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails 
“Nuclear Energy”-(Grape purple color)by LA Colors
“Mint”-(light green) by LA Colors
“Pitch Black Darkness” (black) by RK by Ruby Kisses“Wonder Mint” (light blue)by Sinful Colors

Shader nail brush and nail tape from this link


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