Nail Stamping Do's & Dont's (Clueless Nail Art Tribute)

"So adorably clueless"
I was so excited to receive a nail stamping plate from Beauty Big Bang that featured several plaid designs which is exactly what this tribute needed to do justice to one of my favorite films.
The 1995 film, Clueless is a romantic-comedy featuring affluent teenagers living in Beverly Hills, California. The main characters wore designer clothes, were a bit ditsy, and yet they had sizable vocabularies ("I hope not sporadically").

It didn't take me long to be able to quote this movie from opening scene to ending credits. I envied their feather pens, their stylish berets, and endless supply of plaid sets.

Clueless wasn't just a film, it was a lifestyle to imitate. This movie spawned it's own slang (Jeepin', a totally betty, kinda a Baldwin, a full on Monet...the list could go on!).This film had me running to the nearest Claire's and Limted Too for my very own feather pens and knee-highs.
The movie's merchandise included a phone geared toward lovers of this movie and the color pink. This phone was a head set that had buttons on the side of the receiver that was equipped with catchphrases from the movie such as "As if" ,"I'm Audi", and the ever popular "Whatever!" The phone was even equipped with a mechanism that alert you of any eavesdroppers listening on the other line (or the fun of having a landline phone).

This was a Tiger Electronic's product. This was made by the same company that made Kevin McAlister's "Talk Boy Radio" from the film, Home Alone.

I have long put off my idea of wanting to do Clueless inspired nail art because I wasn't sure how I would be able to pull off doing a plaid design. You could imagine my elation about the plaid patterns on the nail stamping plate. It was my first time using a nail stamper and let me tell you, it was quite the adventure.  


Rant: I don't know if it's because mercury is in retrograde, or it's my new diet that is putting me in a funk but I noticed that when I'm in a sour mood, my nail tutorials don't come easy. When I'm feeling good, I can go on nail art binges but this one really made me take my time. My tripod broke on me so it was very hard to film this one. Nail stamping is no joke! It looks so easy on Instagram but I felt that I might as well have wrestled a bear with how tricky it was. Whew!* Rant over*

 I was bound and determined to master the art of nail stamping (it is indeed an art) so I practiced for a few days until I got it down. I've made a list of Do's and Don'ts that I've learned along the way so that fellow stamping newbies can have a better time.

Nail Stamping Do's
  • Do get to know your stamper- Not all nail stampers are created equal. Get to know your stamper and it's behavior. Find out if your stamper is rubber or silicon. Is it see through or is in solid? Is it firm or is it soft? Some stampers pick up by dabbing down then up while other stampers work better with a rolling motion.
  • Do prime your nail stamper- Depending on the type of stamper you have, you may have to prime your stamper prior to use. Typically, if you have a clear stamper you will need to (gently) buff out the shininess by filing the surface with a nail file so that it will pick up the design from your plate with ease.
  • Do use thick nail polish-You will want to use thicker nail polish to cover the design on your nail plate. Thinner polish tends to get stuck in the grooves of the nail plate and it will not transfer to your stamper as easily. There are some polishes designated just for stamping but there are some regular polishes that work just as well.
  • Do clean your nail plate in between design- You will want to a cotton round with a bit of acetone on it to clean the nail plate in between designs. bits of the polish can get stuck in the grooves and make it difficult for a new coat of polish to fit in the grooves properly which means your stamper will not pick up the design as well. Clean off the plate in a circular motion to make sure it's clear of the old polish.

Nail Stamping Dont's
  • Don't take your time-Nail stamping has to be a quick process. If you wait too long between the time you polish the plate, scrape the color, and pick up the design with your stamper, the polish will often dry before your stamper gets to the plate. 
  • Don't over scrape- The less you scrape the polish after you color the design, the better. I've made the mistake of scraping the color too many times over the design and the color dried before I could get to my stamper.
  • Don't give up- Hey, nail stamping as a newbie is tough! Practice using different polishes and stamp some notebook paper to see what works best. Find a way to get a good rhythm between prime, polish, scrape, and stamp.

Once I got my stamping skills in check I was ready for this today's tribute.

The whole crew served looks all movie long.

I used the following to create this look

Nail polish: “Pitch Black Darkness” (black) by RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails,"Lemonade”-(yellow) by Kiss Gel Strong Nail Polish,  “Emerald”-(dark green color) by Celavi, "Ulta Ego" by OPI (white), "Kashmere" by Sinful Colors (off white). "Gold Medal"-(Gold) by Sinful Colors. (Not pictured)Topcoat by LA Colors gel finish (Not pictured).

Nail Stamp and Scraper: by Caption

Dotting Tool: by Sephora

Nail Stamping Plate: by Beauty Big Bang the "geometric" set (Click here to get the nail stamping plate).

I've included a video of the process so that you too can have some cute nails when you're "rollin wit da homies" in your "loqued out" jeep.

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