Mighty Morphin Manicure!-Power Rangers Nail Tribute

Premiering on August 28, 1993, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuted as part of the Fox Kids after school line up. This show had me close lining my school mates out of my way after school so that I wouldn't miss a single minute of action.
This is actual footage of me running to get my fruit gushers, capri sun, and a spot in front of the TV.
The Power Rangers consisted of  5 teenagers residing in fictional Angel Grove, California. They were selected by a wise space spirit, Gordon and his robot helper, Alpha 5 for their unique abilities to receive superpowers that will aid them in defending planet Earth from the evil Alien Queen, Rita Repulsa. The Queen inadvertently was released from a 10,000 year slumber so it makes perfect sense to give a couple of teenagers dinosaur powers to really put homegirl and her goons(the putties) in their place.

The Squad!
The show was based off a few Japanese superhero shows by the Toei Company and was later developed for American audiences by the Saban Company. The show’s American format still retained the stock footage from the original shows (mainly the costumed fighting scenes) and dubbed over some lines in English. The show then featured the main characters who were high school students inorder The American actors proved to be extremely talented in that they were either seasoned gymnasts or skilled martialartists which came in handy during the later seasons where they were attacked out of uniform. The original series ran for about three years and spawned 2 movies as well as several forms of merchandise.

The 90’s was filled to the brim with toys that transformed into other things. Please feast your eyes on this piece of nostalgia and question the chest to head ratio with me.

The over the top guitar backing tracks, robots, pyrotechnics, the elaborate transformation scenes, and the fight poses were enough to deem this show cheesier than Kraft macaroni. I have to tell y'all that I recently binged watched season one of Power Rangers and I LOVED it! It brought back so many good memories of roundhouse kicking so many fools on the playground Sabre-Toothed Tiger Style. Who doesn't need a little cheese in their life?

Today's tribute will be to the original 5 Rangers with their prehistoric themed helmets on one hamd. I couldn't resist doing a whole hand for the green ranger(how dope did the series get when they brought
 him in?)

Enjoy the rest of your week and kick procrastination in the booty!

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