Let's get festive, Dahhhlings-Mariah Carey Inspired Nail Art

Today is a very special blog post on My Pizza Fridays because today I am paying tribute to a living legend, diva, singer, songwriter, an angel on earth, butterfly queen, Mariah Carey.  Today is Mariah Carey's Anniversary and like all Lambily know, the Queen has Anniversaries, not Birthdays.

I used to take my babysitting money and run to Sam Goody (A now defunct music store) to buy Singles. For a dollar, I could have a CD with one song that I would wait all day on the radio for.

If I were lucky the single may have one or two remixes of said song ton the radio or even an extended version so that I could dance to it. I played Mariah Carey's single, "Honey" until the back of the CD looked like Wolverine scratched it. 

On Christmas morning  of 1997, I was blessed with my first full length albums. I received Mase, Harlem World (the explicit version because...ya know..Hip Hop!) and my first ever R&B album, Mariah Carey, Butterfly.

 I fell deep in L-O-V-E with this album. The songs were curated in such a way that you could play the CD and listen to it the whole way through.

I crawled inside this album and lived in it. It got me through so many tough times as well as being the soundtrack to me scribbling in my diary while drowning my sorrows with Raspberry Creme Shasta when the boys didn't call (which was often).

 There were no filler tracks because each song felt so genuine and intimate as if this album was a sort of diary for Mariah.

Her turtle necks turned to tube tops, her locks were ironed out, she had so many Hip Hop collaborations, and she was liberated, honey! This is my favorite album and era. My edges have been snatched since '97 and they still haven't grown back.


To keep things festive, Dahhhlings, I knew that this tutorial needed butterflies. I went to Etsy and found some great butterfly stencils from What's Up Nails (there is a link further down). I also wanted to stay in the spirit of the
Butterfly album which calls for gold and copious amounts of glitter. All the brain storming lead me to the following set                                         

Side note: What's Up Nails included instructions with the stencils. It advises against using cream like polishes and suggests that you immediately peel off the stencil after you polish over it. These tips were very helpful and I would also like to add that some polish does make it hard to take the stencils off once the color is placed on it to which I would suggest some tweezers or a nail peeler help with taking the stencils off.


Supplies used- some products will be linked to their website in pink

Nail Polish:

"Gold Medal" (gold color polish)by Sinful Colors

"Dizzy" (gold glitter polish) by L.A. colors-Color Craze

" Kashmere" by Sinful Colors (solid white color),

"My Pearl" (The white glitter polish)

"Frosting" (Top Coat)by L.A. Colors

Butterfly Decals by What's Up Nails

UV/LED Light by Makynail

Nail Peeler is part of a nail art set located at this link

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