In Those Jeans-Denim Nail Art Tutorial


Congratulations on making it through another work week! It's time to get down and get denim.

Denim. Denim is forever. Each decade since the birth of the blue jean has it's own denim identity. If you are around long enough, you can watch these trends get reintroduced to a new generation over and over again. Not to be outdone, the early Aughts recycled a few jean trends and made it their own. 

The fashion at the turn of the century was bizarre to say the least.  Popular denim washes in the early 2000's were a light to medium wash with a good stretch to them thanks to the cotton being infused with spandex material. Some 1970's fashion fanatic decided this would be as a time good as any to revive the madness that is the Patchwork Denim Jean. 

I got my pair of these from either Rave or Rainbow at the mall.

These "Franken-jean" (like Frankenstein's monster) caused damage and destruction to any soul unlucky enough to get near them...well not really but these were everywhere.

The characteristics of these Patchwork Denim are:
  • They sit low on the hips (the better to flash your whale tail with, my dear).
  • They flared wide at the calf.
  • They were a hodgepodge of light washed jeans frayed together.
  • They absolutely did not have any pockets.
"X-tina" Augilera rocking her patchwork with belly chain.     

I've seen these jeans paired with midriff-baring tops or T-shirts that bared sassy sayings on them written in glitter such as"99% Angel or Boys Lie". A cabbie hat is optional only if you didn't care about being fashionable.

I could not pass up the opportunity to sneak in a tribute to ripped jeans and the aggressively bleached out jeans of the decade as well. 
The  bleached and patchwork Jeans of the early 00's from the 3lw "No More(Baby I'ma Do right)" video"
This tutorial will be my own kind of "Franken-jean"To complete this nail look you will need the following supplies:

  • A makeup wedge (mine come from dollar tree)
  • A dark blue nail polish (I used "Sea Jewels" by RK by Ruby Kisses)
  • A light blue nail polish (Wonder Mint by Sinful Colors)
  • A white nail polish ( Ulta Ego by OPI)
  • A flesh colored nail posh (optional)
  • A dotting tool (mine came from Sephora)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           In order to make the nails truly look like denim, I first polished my nail with the dark blue color and let it dry. Once the nail was completely dried, I took a makeup wedge and polished the edge with white nail polish. I then dabbed the nail with the sponge to create a slight impression of the white polish against the blue background. This will give the appearance of weathered jeans.

I created the frayed looking pieces by loading my dotting tool with white nail polish and gently scribbling the color along the edge of the nail until it began to have a textured look.

To give my ripped jeans a more realistic look, I first painted the nail a flesh toned color and then colored around the "skin" with blue nail polish. 

Check out the video below. It will give you something to watch as you wrap yourself in your favorite jeans for this Friday.

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