B*A*P*S Nail Art Tribute


The 1997 film, B*A*P*S has developed a cult following. B*A*P*S stands for Black American Princesses and it stars Halle Berry as "Nicey" and Natalie Desselle as "Mickey". The film is about  two best friends are waitresses in Decatur Georgia who fly to Los Angeles, California in hopes of landing a role in a music video in order to fund their dream of opening a soul food restaurant with a hair salon attached to it. The women are later propositioned with acting as caretakers for a wealthy though, ailing man, Mr. Blakemore. The two teach the Millionaire how to enjoy life again despite an on going plot between his other staff members who are scheming to get his fortune once he passes.

The movie is filled with fish-out-of-water antics as the girls attempt to adjust to the high society of Beverly Hills such as meeting celebrities, fine dining, and how to use a bidet.


This movie was slaughtered by the critics which is a criminal offence because it is a feel good film. I loved the way Natalie and Halle played off of each other. They had great chemistry, they were hilarious together, and they really brought the characters friendship to life. I believe that the critics had a hard time seeing Halle Berry playing against her type in a comedic role, but hey, it's their loss.

Fellow lovers of this movie further let me know who my tribe is. I appreciated the long acrylics, the big earrings, the latex suits, and the elaborate hairstyles.


I had to keep it real and pay homage to this gem. Tell me your favorite quotes from the movie. Don't stop, get it, get it!

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