“What’s it Gonna Be?!”- Janet Jackson Inspired Nails

A still of the nail inspiration.
In 1999, Busta Rhymes and Hype Williams teamed up to one of the most expensive music videos in existence for the song, ”What’s It Gonna Be?!” Busta Rhymes delivers his bars in his classic rapid-fire style over a mid-tempo funk infused track.
Do yourself a favor and go watch this video!
 Sandwiched in between verses as well as helpings of soulful guitar licks are Janet Jackson’s angelic vocals. The futuristic tones and fish-eye lens(signature of a Hype Williams video)drew me in but it was Ms. Jackson that held my attention. She was clad head to toe in leather with a set of the most lethal nails that I have ever seen. Her pierced manicure was something that I only dreamed of recreating...until now.
Gonna make, gonna make...the most extra nail tutorial ever!
This tutorial will go over how to get your very own set of Janet Jackson inspired nails. Most of my tutorials can be done in natural nails but since there will be piercing involved, I suggest using artificial nails for safety.

                                     ”What’s It’s Gonna Be?!” Nail Tutorial
  • Collect supplies such as black nail polish, press on nails (long), a top coat, a hand drill, and jump rings.
  • Use Black Nail Polish to apply two coats to your nails. Let your nails dry. Apply top coat.
  • Using your hand drill in a clockwise motion, place the tool into the front tip of each nail and turn until you drill a hole into the nail. Depending on the size of the nail, you may have to drill two holes. The shop on Etsy that I purchased mine from is in the following pink link:Golden Depot Shop
  • Select one jump ring per each nail. The jump ring size 
  • that I used for this tutorial are size 15 mm (ya know, for drama) and can be purchased at any craft store in the necklace making section for a couple dollars.                          
  • Using needle nose pliers or your hands, open the jump rings. 
  • Thread the rings through the holes that were drilled and then close the ring
  • Rock it!                     

                                                                Words of Wisdom:
This tutorial is for fun/these nails are not practical for everyday use. By all means, snatch some wigs but make sure it isn’t your own. As always there is a video of my labor. If you recreated this tutorial, tag me in your socials and let me know how it worked out for you. Have a great Friday!

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