Wedding Nails-My Size Bride Barbie Inspired Nails

Hello Friends,

Yesterday was Valentine's Day but today we are going to go back to Christmas.

Story time!

The Christmas Morning of 1994 was a morning full of anticipation for me. I circled half of the toys on the Toys R Us catalog but the toy that I wished with all my might for was a ”My Size Bride Barbie”.Check out the vintage commercial here. This Barbie doll was approximately 3 feet tall and the selling point for me was that you and Barbie could share the wedding gown. I was so sure that Barbie was under my Christmas tree. When I realized that she wasn't, I was crushed.

That's not the worse part.

 I had a playmate whose family was friendly with mine, let’s call her Denise (names were changed to protect the innocent). We were invited over to Denise’s house for Christmas dinner. I was already in a sour mood. It got worse when Denise invited me to her room to look at all the gifts she had gotten for Christmas. We go upstairs to her room and there in all her plastic glory... was the life size Barbie Doll dressed as a blushing bride.

 Barbie was beautiful. Denise was smug. I was livid. Denise gloated all evening long. I died a little inside.

Check those shoulder puffs, they're full of dreams.
Since I am not at all bitter about what transpired, here is a My Size Bride Barbie Inspired Nail Tutorial.

For this tutorial, I selected a light pink (very barbie-esque) as the base coat in the shade “Baby N’Little” by RK by Kiss HD Nail Polish. I painted on two coats of the pink polish and then I selected a white polish for the lace detailing. I picked “Ulta Ego” by OPI. The color is a bit translucent but that’s perfect for this tutorial because I wanted to keep the colors on the softer side.    

I don’t technically have an exact method for drawing lace except to alternate between wavy, curly shapes and lots of dots to make a design. I just made the design up as I went and came out with some dainty details. To take this manicure up a notch, I dusted each nail in the Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Powder (Peacock color)with a makeup wedge.

Tools for this tutorial (minus the dotting tool) Pick-N-Stick, Makeup Wedge, and Sally Hansen Chrome Powder.
I couldn’t complete the bride look without a ring which gave me the idea to construct one out of the nail jewels. I found a shop on Etsy and was instantly smitten. The gems shipped quickly, the packaging was so cute, and there was a sweet note that came with the goodies. I was shocked by how shiny the gems were. I couldn’t stop staring! You visit the shop by clicking the pink link: CEKnails

With Pick-n-Stick, I picked up the nail jewels and placed them on the nail. The center gem was gorgeous on it's own and I added a little rhinestone on each side of the piece to create little accent stones. I used nail glue to attach them to the nail instead of topcoat because the jewels were heavy duty compared to the gems I’ve used in the past.

After the topcoat on the nails dry, you are now pronounced ~*fabulous*~ and ready to wear your bridal nails all over town.

Wear them for a belated Valentine's Day dinner, wear them to your own wedding, wear them to the office, or any location where there are well-adjusted individuals who are defiantly not bitter about not getting giant Barbies.

I’ve got a video below so that you can swoon over all the sparkles in action. Enjoy your Friday!

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