Valentine’s Day Nails- Kiss From A Rose Inspired Nail Art


Hello Lovers,

Valentine's Day is almost upon us and it's time to get romantic. I love this holiday for the aesthetics, an excuse to demand chocolate, and for the grand romantic gestures. One song in particular that comes to my mind about this holiday. This song holds nothing back. The artist really put it all out on the line. which is "Kiss From A Rose" by Seal

The song is "Kiss From A Rose" by Seal. As evidenced in the Gif below, he is sooooo into it.
The song was originally written and discarded by Seal in the late '80s. Miraculously the song was reworked and became the US's 1995 radio hit from the Batman Forever Soundtrack. This power ballad went on to win at the 1996 Grammy Awards for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. The music video for this song features Seal singing next to the Bat-Signal while scenes from Batman Forever were interspersed throughout the production. If you would like to join me in howling along to this masterpiece I included the link for the video in pink:"Kiss From A Rose"

The aforementioned 1995 film.
I'm not gonna perch on top of a tall building and sing in the dark but I sure am going to do some nail art about it.

Behold the tutorial for today:

I used clear press-ons for a fresh negative space look.

I wanted something fresh for this nail art project so I opted for clear press-on's to make use of the negative space and to highlight the roses.

I've got two techniques for nail art roses for which I have included collages for tutorial purposes.

                                                                         Nail Art Rose Technique #1

I have been using this method for years.
  1. Begin by selecting a darker and lighter polish in the same color family (light pink and dark pink 

2. Use a Dotting tool or toothpick or bobby pin to make white circles to form the base of the roses.

3. Add bumps to some parts of the circles so that they become slightly misshaped, this adds a realness to the roses.

4. With the darker color, make C like shapes around the white shapes.

5. Dot the lighter color in the center of the darker color while the polish is still wet. Stir until the colors begin to mix.

6.Dot white polish in the center of the roses.

7. Take a green polish and dot on either side of the rose. While the polish is still wet, pull each green dot into a point to make a leaf.
                                                                           Nail Art Rose Technique #2

This is a new method for me and I can't wait to perfect it.
1. Begin by selecting a dark green and light green polish.

2. Select another pair of polishes from the same color family ( I used a cherry red and a light pink).

3. Select a blackmail polish and a dotting tool.

4. With your dotting tool, draw a vertical line halfway up the nail to form the rose steam.

5. Using the red polish draw a semi U shape on top of the steam. Fill in this U shape with your red polish.

6.While the red polish is still wet take a dot of your black nail polish to place in the center of the rose.

7. Draw an open circle by gently dragging the dotting tool to mix the red and black polish. It is important to do this while both polishes are wet to create some depth to the rose.

8. Take your dotting tool and use it to pick up your pink polish. Use the pink color to add some highlight to the rose ( I highlighted toward the top of the flower).

9. Take a green polish and dot on either side of the rose. While the polish is still wet, pull each green dot into a point to make a leaf.

If you have a minute (and a couple seconds) there is a video below. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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