Tiffany Heart Tag Bracelet Inspired Nail Art

Hello Friends,

Happy Friday to you and welcome to another ode to nostalgia with nail polish! We are continuing with our early 2000's theme and paying tribute to another 00's Baddie's status symbol: A Tiffany Heart Tag Bracelet.  The characteristics of the jewelry were large sterling silver links with a dainty heart-shaped charm that read "Please Return to Tiffany &Co. New York 925". This Bracelet adorned the wrist of every Queen Bee especially if they veered more on the preppy side.    

Tiffany Heart tag to be paired with Ugg boots and a Juicy Couture Track suit.
The tutorial below is easy to follow along to as well as being easy on the pockets(have you seen how much these bracelets go for?).

Let's polish like it's 2003, shall we?

You are more than welcome to select a white, silver and teal polish from any brand to your liking but I selected the following for my version of this project:
Polish from Upper Left: "Wonder Mint"-Sinful Colors, "Silver Stallion"-Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, and "Ulta Ego"-OPI
With my trusty dotting tool, I made a heart with my silver polish. I find it's easiest to make a heart by placing three dots in a V formation, from here I can decide on the width of the shape as I fill in the sides and the top portion. I've included a collage below for a picture of what this looks like.  
Valentine's Day is coming up!

For the chain design, I drew lines of silver coming to form the heart. Using my dotting tool, I made little dots along the silver lines. Once the dots were dry, I went back over with making white dots in the middle of the silver dots to give a more chain-like appearance. I wanted to make sure that the bracelet nail was highlighted which is why I decided to create different designs on each nail. A nice top coat and Voila'! A Tiffany's worthy manicure. You can follow along with the video below and tag me if you attempted this tutorial. Smooches!  


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