Sunflowers DIY Nail Art

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Welcome to another nostalgic blog post. I know the winter has got everybody down and wishing for warmer days. To combat those winter blues, I thought it would be nice to delve into something yellow to brighten up the mood.
In the 90's, there was an obsession with Sunflowers. I 'd like to attribute that sunflower fascination with the 1960's nostalgia that saturated the decade as experienced with the popularity of bell bottoms, beads, and other flower children fashion staples.
Left column: Tia and Tamera, tattoo choker with Sunflower charms, Angelina Jolie, Blossom wearing a sunflower hat
Right column: Will Smith as a sunflower ballerina, an iron on patch of sunflower petals with a yin/yang head,Britney Spears in the "From the bottom of my Broken Heart" video, Tori Spelling in a 91201 scene wearing a Sunflower hat.

To further swear your allegiance to Sunflowers, you had to have a bottle of  the "Sunflowers"perfume by Elizabeth Arden on standby. I can remember many evenings as a little girl watching my cousin get ready for a date. She would line her lips, aqua-net her curls, put on her hoop earrings, and baptize herself in this perfume.

The perfume came in a bright yellow box that had a fruity scent upon the first spray which dried down to a light floral scent. It's still available online!

                       To create this nail art, I selected yellow, orange, black, and green polishes.

Nail Polish colors from the upper left to lower right: “Pitch Black Darkness” (black) by RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails,"Lemonade”-(yellow) by Kiss Gel Strong Nail Polish, Orange U Jealous”-(orange) by RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails, “Emerald”-(dark green color) by Celavi.

  • I began with my dotting tool and my yellow polish. 
  • I started with the sunflower petals by drawing yellow v shapes in a semi circle. 
  • I then took a bit of the orange polish to add some depth the the petals by making smaller v's  on top of the larger yellow petals. 
  • For the center of the sunflower, I used the black polish. I dotted on the black polish to mimic the texture of the sunflower head.
  • Check out the the video below to see the process.

                              Here's hoping that you'll thaw out or at least in your mind. 


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