Multicolored Louie Vuitton Hand Bag Tribute with Nail Wraps

Calling all the 00's Baddies! Have I got something for you...

The early Aughts were ripe with blinged out, glossy, and hyper-feminine accessories.

Truly, if it didn't come dunked in glitter and awash in bubble gum pink, I didn't want it!

 I'm guessing that the rise of reality television and the emergence of "celebutantes" (think Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie) was a contributing factor of the shift in fashion trends. In my neighborhood, we weren't exactly living fabulously but we wanted to put off the facade that we were which meant that one had to buy luxurious (looking)fashion staples of the time. The baddest at my high school wore velour track suits, rocked sunglasses with a little rhinestone heart in the corner.
Shield your eyes from the haters in style!

The baddest of the bad however had to have the ultimate 00's accessory: The Louis Vuitton Multicolored Monogrammed Bag. This bag typically housed accessories that every 00's baddie needed such as Lacome Juicy Tubes, Victoria Secret "Heavenly" body spray, and a flip phone. This bag had all of us peasants salivating. 

The true star of this blog post.
The pastel shades of the monogram, the butterscotch colored leather handles, and the gold hardware were enough to make me swoon. Alas, I never owned this coveted handbag. To make up for times that never were, I've got a manicure to pay tribute to this iconic print. 

In order to do justice to this design, I took to Etsy to look for a Louis Vuitton Nail wrap. I found this adorable shop on there (click the pink link to visit them!) called OG Nails. I spent hours looking through all their decals because they were all so cute but I finally landed on the print I needed and set to work. 

The decals shipped to me so quickly and were so easy to use. The decals operated with the same principle as applying a temporary tattoo: Wet the design, pull off the backing and place the transfer on the desired location. 

I added in a few rhinestones over the top of the decal that I just so happened to have laying around and to further emphasize how extra I was trying to be.

I've got a video below of the process. Is there a more iconic 00's accessory? Hit me up and let me know!


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