Dunk-a-roos Nail Art Tribute

The kids that brought their lunch to school were always trying to one-up each other with the contents of their lunch box. I compare lunchtime to an arms race; whoever could pull out the best lunch items would be deemed superior. Having the best lunch means that you could barter with your classmates for other items or simply bask in the envy that comes from having a bomb lunch. 

Queue the angelic choir! Behold the greatest snack of the 90's!

If you pulled out a Tuna Salad sandwich, you automatically lost. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

 You had to have good sandwich game, a cool drink, and you had to have the best snacks.  Chips were great, fruit snacks were a plus, but you needed to have Dunk-a-roos to rule the playground. 


Dunk-a-Roos were cookies paired with a vanilla flavored frosting as dipping a sauce. Some boxes had rainbow sprinkles inside the frosting and some boxes offered a fudge dip. These were the best snacks in the whooooolllle world. The Dunk-a-roos mascot was a cartoon Kangaroo who would slap dunk the cookies into the frosting. You can travel down memory lane by visiting the link in pink:1994 Dunk-a-roos Commercial

 Since nothing lasts forever, these Betty Crocker snacks were discontinued in the U.S. in 2012.
There was an awesome campaign launched by General Mills called "Smugglaroos" that encouraged all the Canadian homies to bring some Dunk-a-roos over the border to Americans having snack withdrawals.  Alas, the Snack Fairies canceled the snack in Canada in 2018 which means that more of us are mourning the loss of these delicious treats.

In memory of this 90's classic, here is a five finger tribute to the good times we had. May we never forget.   


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