Greetings, salutations,and what up?

I’m Danni and I’m super excited for my first blog post! 

Here we go:

Anytime that I’m feeling down, I run back to happy memories from the past to help me cope with the present. I wrap myself with memories from the 90's like I would a warm blanket. 

I’m a naturally anxious person and I combat my anxiety with self-care which mainly consists of curating 80’s/90’s playlist as well as trying my hand at nail art. To me, there is no better way to shake off daily frustrations than belting out a Prince ballad and mastering an intricate nail design. I do not consider myself a nail artist...My “salon” is the chaise that I lounge on at home; I do however consider myself a nail art enthusiast.

I wanted to create a space to share my love of nail art, all things nostalgic, as well as to flex my writing muscle (can’t let that B.A. go to waste can I?). 

I named this blog after what used to be my favorite event in Elementary School because I wanted to recreate that excited feeling that I would get on Fridays. 

Be prepared to get retro, get vintage, excuse my hangnails, and get ready to party because it’s always Friday here!

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