Sailor Moon, Moon Wand Tribute

Summer of 1996 was the Summer that I discovered Sailor Moon.  The theme song alone worked me into a frenzy but when they got to the story line, I was hooked! Thus my love affair with Magical Girl Anime began. The story had action, comedy, and romance galore. I used to get up early every morning to watch the Sailor Scouts battle it out with the Negaverse all with using their resources and their reliance on friendship. I was so inspired that I kept several notebooks dedicated to re imagining Sailor Moon’s adventures

I decided to pay tribute to this amazing series with an ombré nail paired with some gorgeous nail jewels. 

First I selected dark pink and light pink polishes. I also selected dark purple and light purple polishes. To keep with the cosmic the theme, I dusted each nail with Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Peacock glitter powder(totally optional) after the ombre top coat dried.

I got the jewels from a shop on Etsy called Maky Nail. I 
selected bag #2 which had a variety of moons, stars,
and rhinestones (AB color).  I’ve included a link to the shop underneath the photo of the goodies in pink. 

Maky Nails

You have the option on picking up the jewels with a set of tweezers but I find that a Wax Pick-n-Stick works best. 
These can be picked up at any craft store and are fairly inexpensive. 

Wax Pick-n-stick to make picking up rhinestones a breeze!

I added one strip of pink for the base of the moon wand, let it dry, I applied gel topcoat by LA colors to the nail, and attached the moon to the top. I also added an AB jewel at 
the base of the crescent moon to represent the moon crystal

*Be forewarned that the jewels are on the larger side. They sit on top of the nail 3D style instead of entirely laying flat which really adds to the wow factor. Be patient and make use of the pick side to position the jewels after you make the initial placement with the wax side.

To make the gold beams on the other nails, I used nail tape that the received from another shop on Etsy called BeauteGalleria. For a good price, you get a wide variety of nail tape. I included the link below:

I recommend allowing them to dry overnight or using a nail curer would be most beneficial.  
Take a look at the video to follow along with. Share the tutorial with a friend and fight evil by moonlight!

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