Raspberry Beret Inspired Nail Art Tutorial

I was raised on Prince. His artistry is unmatched. Today's tribute to nostalgia to brings us to 1985. The subject of today's blog post is the song ”Raspberry Beret”, a single from Prince’s 7th album, ”Around the World in a Day”.  ”Raspberry Beret” is a radio-friendly jam that tells the story about a liaison between the protagonist and a hipster girl that happens to stop by the thrift store that he was working at. The song was performed by Prince and The Revolution. The track features a lovely string section, hand cymbals, electric guitar, and the iconic LM-1 drum machine that has become a staple for Prince’s earlier work. The video is the real-life version of the album's illustrated cover.  

Rumor has it that Prince was supposed to dye his hair blonde to match the cover art for the video ”Rasberry Beret” but the results were a disaster which led to him having to cut his hair and don a wig for the video.
To complete the psychedelic scenery Prince sports a whimsical cloud suit. This has been one of my favorite outfits of his and I wanted to pay tribute to this dreamy ensemble.

To begin this design I've selected a bright blue polish and a white polish.  I used ”Sea Jewels”-(royal blue)by RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails and ”Ulta Ego”-(white) by OPI.

Step by Step Cloud Nails Tutorial

  1. Polish the nails with a blue base color in two coats. Let the nails dry.
  2. Use a dotting tool or toothpick to add a few drops of white nail polish to the nail with the dotting tool. 
  3. Pull the white polish in the desired shape. 
  4. Optional step: Add a few dots to the cloud shape on the outer corners to give it a bumpy traditional cloudlike texture.
  5. Have fun! Clouds don't have to be perfect.
Feast your eyes on the video so that you can create your own set to show off. Love, peace, and hope that we can all be funky hipsters with some bold hat game. 


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