Lisa Frank DIY Nail Art

Lisa Frank Stationary was one of the ultimate status symbols at my elementary school. You couldn't stop at just one product, you had to have the Lisa Frank erasers with the pencils, a notebook to jot notes down in, and a fluorescent backpack to house all the goodies. The company saw an uptick in the 80’s and 90’s with inclusion of school supplies in their product line. Although the brand’s owner is famous for staying low key, her designs were very bold. The designs typically feature anthropomorphic characters in neon colors embarking on fantastic adventures. Whether it was a ballet dancing rabbit, a pair of happy aliens driving a Beetle, or a rainbow-winged Pegasus cruising under a rainbow, these designs generated excitement! One of my favorite designs happened to be a rainbow colored leproad dubbed, Hunter. I had this character on a notebook with a matching pencil set . I was sure that I was the coolest girl on the playground when I returned to school after a long summer break.  I couldn’t wait to dazzle my class mates with my new gear.

Lisa Frank’s Hunter, The Leopard.

For now let’s get to the tutorial, shall we?

 Rainbow designs allow for so much freedom as far as color selection but I highly recommend that you have two polish within the same hue.

For example: a light blue and a dark blue paired together makes for a better ombré effect. Once my press-ons have been polished with a white base color (I used “Ulta Ego” by OPI to make my ombré pop), I’m ready to go.

 I have selected two colors per nail and I’ve got an example below of each color next to it’s partner. Please also see the dotting tool in the front of the polishes.

 Shades used from left: “Electrifyin’ Pink”-(Light pink color)OPI“Pink Fusion”-(Hot pink color)RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails ”Purple Passion”-(Light purple color) by LA Colors
“Nuclear Energy”-(Grape purple color)by LA Colors
”Mint”(light green) by LA Colors
“Emerald”-(dark green color) by Celavi

  Shades from left to right: ”Orange U Jealous”-(orange color) by RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails,"Lemonade”-(yellow color) by Kiss Gel Strong Nail Polish “Sea Jewels”-(royal blue)by RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails “Wonder Mint” (light blue)by Sinful Colors, “Pitch Black Darkness” (black) by RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails

I use two techniques for ombre nails. I use a beauty wedge in each method such as the type pictured below. These can be found at any drug store, they also have them at the Dollar Tree.

*My beauty wedges came from Dollar Tree because I need more money for pizza.

 Ombre Technique 1:

1. Begin with a white or pastel base color on the nail.

2. Place dabs of the lighter and darker color next to each other to allow for the two colors to blend where they meet.

3.  Dip the beauty wedge in the polish making sure to pick up each 
color as well as section where they meet.

4. Roll the beauty wedge over the nail.

5.  Repeat steps 2-4 until the desired look is achieved.

6.  Apply top coat to the nail while the colors are still tacky.

                                            Ombre Technique 2:

1.  Begin with a white or pastel color on the nail.

2.  Going from left to right, paint one coat of color on half the nail. Making sure the two hues meet, paint one coat on the other half of the 

3. Roll the beauty wedge over the nail to blend the colors together.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 until the desired look is achieved.

5. Apply top coat while the colors are still tacky.

Once the ombre nails are dry, its time to add those leopard spots.

To create leopard rosettes, you will need to begin with a small dot of color on the nail. Since this particular tutorial has the ombre element in it, you will need to do a bit of a reversal with the colors such as dark purple dots on the light purple base and so on and so forth.

Once the dot of color is added, you can now create the borders of the spot. The border around the dot can vary from a c shape (leaving a piece of the circle exposed), to a sandwich shape (a black border at the top and bottom of the dot leaving the sides exposed). Don't be afraid to add in a stay black dot to act as a freckle to add less uniform to the leopard spots. Allow the spots to dry and seal with top coat. 

I've got the finished product below as well as a video in case you would like to follow along. Take care and a happy Friday to you all!


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