Champion Nails

Champion is a sportswear brand that I saw everywhere in the 90’s. It’s parent brand is Hanes and the logo was often attached to sweatpants, pullovers, and T-shirts.This brand was attainable to the masses via stores like Ross and Marshalls. In my neighborhood, the OG’s wore Champion while the younger generation flocked to other sportswear brands. As of now, Champion has been changed into an exclusive athleisure brand. The designs have gotten funkier and are worn by hype beasts everywhere. So happy to see this staple make a comeback but I refuse to pay $80 for a T-shirt (Bruh!). In an effort to save my coins I decided to do Champion nails.

First you will want to select red, white, and blue polish. I opted for a blue shade called ”Sea Jewels”, in RK by Kiss HD nail polish. The red shade is by LA colors in the color ”Hot Blooded” and the white shade is by OPI in ”Ulta Ego”.

You should also invest in a doting tool. If you are a frugal diva like me (or you are just impatient) a bobby pin or toothpick works just as well.

Next you should select your press-ons to place onto your nail stands. My nail stands came from this awesome shop on Etsy called The Nailest Co. The set came with two  nail stand, orange sticks (for your cuticles, babes), nail file cubes, nails (your choice of shape),and putty(to attach said nails to the stands). I included a link next to the stands in case you would like to get a kit(it’s in pink below).


Once you have your colors and your tool handy, allow yourself to relive 3rd grade and practice your cursive. Take a look at the video below to follow along. Good luck and save them coins, sis!

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