Care Bear Nail Art

The Care Bears were a franchise launched in 1981 underneath the American Greeting Company. The Care Bears were brought to life by one of the concept artist responsible for Strawberry Shortcake. These fictional bears resided in the heavenly like dwelling of, Care-a-lot. When not frolicking among the clouds accompanied by star and heart buddies, the bears kept a watchful eye on the Caring meter. The Caring meter was a device that would alert the bears of any trouble on earth; low levels on the caring meter meant that someone was in need of love or needed help with being more compassionate. The bears would spring into action and hurry away to assist whomever needed help. Each bear was assigned unique colored fur and an emblem on their belly reflecting their personality and or specialty. The "Belly Badges" could be used by each Care Bear to produce objects magically that would assist them in their care missions. Their strongest asset was the "Care Bear Stare" which featured all the bears standing next to one another and emitting beams from their belly at once toward the target that needed assistance.

The series has enjoyed several relaunches and the introduction of new characters. There have been some updates but they are all still the loving and caring characters that I remember form my childhood. Growing up I had a Tender heart and Cheer Bear that would go everywhere with me. I'd like to say that I out grew the series but I really haven't. Those bears are still super cute and I think it's important to care about things.  I picked my favorite bears below as well as a video of the process.  Make sure to let someone know you care about them, give somebody a hug, or do a good deed today. Happy Friday!


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