Raspberry Beret Inspired Nail Art Tutorial

I was raised on Prince. His artistry is unmatched. Today's tribute to nostalgia to brings us to 1985. The subject of today's blog post is the song ”Raspberry Beret”, a single from Prince’s 7th album, ”Around the World in a Day”.  ”Raspberry Beret” is a radio-friendly jam that tells the story about a liaison between the protagonist and a hipster girl that happens to stop by the thrift store that he was working at. The song was performed by Prince and The Revolution. The track features a lovely string section, hand cymbals, electric guitar, and the iconic LM-1 drum machine that has become a staple for Prince’s earlier work. The video is the real-life version of the album's illustrated cover.  

Rumor has it that Prince was supposed to dye his hair blonde to match the cover art for the video ”Rasberry Beret” but the results were a disaster which led to him having to cut his hair and don a wig for the video.
To complete the psychedelic scenery Prince sports a whimsical cloud suit. This has been one of my favorite outfits of his and I wanted to pay tribute to this dreamy ensemble.

To begin this design I've selected a bright blue polish and a white polish.  I used ”Sea Jewels”-(royal blue)by RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails and ”Ulta Ego”-(white) by OPI.

Step by Step Cloud Nails Tutorial

  1. Polish the nails with a blue base color in two coats. Let the nails dry.
  2. Use a dotting tool or toothpick to add a few drops of white nail polish to the nail with the dotting tool. 
  3. Pull the white polish in the desired shape. 
  4. Optional step: Add a few dots to the cloud shape on the outer corners to give it a bumpy traditional cloudlike texture.
  5. Have fun! Clouds don't have to be perfect.
Feast your eyes on the video so that you can create your own set to show off. Love, peace, and hope that we can all be funky hipsters with some bold hat game. 


Care Bear Nail Art

The Care Bears were a franchise launched in 1981 underneath the American Greeting Company. The Care Bears were brought to life by one of the concept artist responsible for Strawberry Shortcake. These fictional bears resided in the heavenly like dwelling of, Care-a-lot. When not frolicking among the clouds accompanied by star and heart buddies, the bears kept a watchful eye on the Caring meter. The Caring meter was a device that would alert the bears of any trouble on earth; low levels on the caring meter meant that someone was in need of love or needed help with being more compassionate. The bears would spring into action and hurry away to assist whomever needed help. Each bear was assigned unique colored fur and an emblem on their belly reflecting their personality and or specialty. The "Belly Badges" could be used by each Care Bear to produce objects magically that would assist them in their care missions. Their strongest asset was the "Care Bear Stare" which featured all the bears standing next to one another and emitting beams from their belly at once toward the target that needed assistance.

The series has enjoyed several relaunches and the introduction of new characters. There have been some updates but they are all still the loving and caring characters that I remember form my childhood. Growing up I had a Tender heart and Cheer Bear that would go everywhere with me. I'd like to say that I out grew the series but I really haven't. Those bears are still super cute and I think it's important to care about things.  I picked my favorite bears below as well as a video of the process.  Make sure to let someone know you care about them, give somebody a hug, or do a good deed today. Happy Friday!


Sailor Moon, Moon Wand Tribute

Summer of 1996 was the Summer that I discovered Sailor Moon.  The theme song alone worked me into a frenzy but when they got to the story line, I was hooked! Thus my love affair with Magical Girl Anime began. The story had action, comedy, and romance galore. I used to get up early every morning to watch the Sailor Scouts battle it out with the Negaverse all with using their resources and their reliance on friendship. I was so inspired that I kept several notebooks dedicated to re imagining Sailor Moon’s adventures

I decided to pay tribute to this amazing series with an ombré nail paired with some gorgeous nail jewels. 

First I selected dark pink and light pink polishes. I also selected dark purple and light purple polishes. To keep with the cosmic the theme, I dusted each nail with Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Peacock glitter powder(totally optional) after the ombre top coat dried.

I got the jewels from a shop on Etsy called Maky Nail. I 
selected bag #2 which had a variety of moons, stars,
and rhinestones (AB color).  I’ve included a link to the shop underneath the photo of the goodies in pink. 

Maky Nails here:etsy.me/2Qo2qHf

You have the option on picking up the jewels with a set of tweezers but I find that a Wax Pick-n-Stick works best. 
These can be picked up at any craft store and are fairly inexpensive. 

Wax Pick-n-stick to make picking up rhinestones a breeze!

I added one strip of pink for the base of the moon wand, let it dry, I applied gel topcoat by LA colors to the nail, and attached the moon to the top. I also added an AB jewel at 
the base of the crescent moon to represent the moon crystal

*Be forewarned that the jewels are on the larger side. They sit on top of the nail 3D style instead of entirely laying flat which really adds to the wow factor. Be patient and make use of the pick side to position the jewels after you make the initial placement with the wax side.

To make the gold beams on the other nails, I used nail tape that the received from another shop on Etsy called BeauteGalleria. For a good price, you get a wide variety of nail tape. I included the link below:

I recommend allowing them to dry overnight or using a nail curer would be most beneficial.  
Take a look at the video to follow along with. Share the tutorial with a friend and fight evil by moonlight!

Lisa Frank DIY Nail Art

Lisa Frank Stationary was one of the ultimate status symbols at my elementary school. You couldn't stop at just one product, you had to have the Lisa Frank erasers with the pencils, a notebook to jot notes down in, and a fluorescent backpack to house all the goodies. The company saw an uptick in the 80’s and 90’s with inclusion of school supplies in their product line. Although the brand’s owner is famous for staying low key, her designs were very bold. The designs typically feature anthropomorphic characters in neon colors embarking on fantastic adventures. Whether it was a ballet dancing rabbit, a pair of happy aliens driving a Beetle, or a rainbow-winged Pegasus cruising under a rainbow, these designs generated excitement! One of my favorite designs happened to be a rainbow colored leproad dubbed, Hunter. I had this character on a notebook with a matching pencil set . I was sure that I was the coolest girl on the playground when I returned to school after a long summer break.  I couldn’t wait to dazzle my class mates with my new gear.

Lisa Frank’s Hunter, The Leopard.

For now let’s get to the tutorial, shall we?

 Rainbow designs allow for so much freedom as far as color selection but I highly recommend that you have two polish within the same hue.

For example: a light blue and a dark blue paired together makes for a better ombré effect. Once my press-ons have been polished with a white base color (I used “Ulta Ego” by OPI to make my ombré pop), I’m ready to go.

 I have selected two colors per nail and I’ve got an example below of each color next to it’s partner. Please also see the dotting tool in the front of the polishes.

 Shades used from left: “Electrifyin’ Pink”-(Light pink color)OPI“Pink Fusion”-(Hot pink color)RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails ”Purple Passion”-(Light purple color) by LA Colors
“Nuclear Energy”-(Grape purple color)by LA Colors
”Mint”(light green) by LA Colors
“Emerald”-(dark green color) by Celavi

  Shades from left to right: ”Orange U Jealous”-(orange color) by RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails,"Lemonade”-(yellow color) by Kiss Gel Strong Nail Polish “Sea Jewels”-(royal blue)by RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails “Wonder Mint” (light blue)by Sinful Colors, “Pitch Black Darkness” (black) by RK by Ruby Kisses-HD Nails

I use two techniques for ombre nails. I use a beauty wedge in each method such as the type pictured below. These can be found at any drug store, they also have them at the Dollar Tree.

*My beauty wedges came from Dollar Tree because I need more money for pizza.

 Ombre Technique 1:

1. Begin with a white or pastel base color on the nail.

2. Place dabs of the lighter and darker color next to each other to allow for the two colors to blend where they meet.

3.  Dip the beauty wedge in the polish making sure to pick up each 
color as well as section where they meet.

4. Roll the beauty wedge over the nail.

5.  Repeat steps 2-4 until the desired look is achieved.

6.  Apply top coat to the nail while the colors are still tacky.

                                            Ombre Technique 2:

1.  Begin with a white or pastel color on the nail.

2.  Going from left to right, paint one coat of color on half the nail. Making sure the two hues meet, paint one coat on the other half of the 

3. Roll the beauty wedge over the nail to blend the colors together.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 until the desired look is achieved.

5. Apply top coat while the colors are still tacky.

Once the ombre nails are dry, its time to add those leopard spots.

To create leopard rosettes, you will need to begin with a small dot of color on the nail. Since this particular tutorial has the ombre element in it, you will need to do a bit of a reversal with the colors such as dark purple dots on the light purple base and so on and so forth.

Once the dot of color is added, you can now create the borders of the spot. The border around the dot can vary from a c shape (leaving a piece of the circle exposed), to a sandwich shape (a black border at the top and bottom of the dot leaving the sides exposed). Don't be afraid to add in a stay black dot to act as a freckle to add less uniform to the leopard spots. Allow the spots to dry and seal with top coat. 

I've got the finished product below as well as a video in case you would like to follow along. Take care and a happy Friday to you all!


Champion Nails

Champion is a sportswear brand that I saw everywhere in the 90’s. It’s parent brand is Hanes and the logo was often attached to sweatpants, pullovers, and T-shirts.This brand was attainable to the masses via stores like Ross and Marshalls. In my neighborhood, the OG’s wore Champion while the younger generation flocked to other sportswear brands. As of now, Champion has been changed into an exclusive athleisure brand. The designs have gotten funkier and are worn by hype beasts everywhere. So happy to see this staple make a comeback but I refuse to pay $80 for a T-shirt (Bruh!). In an effort to save my coins I decided to do Champion nails.

First you will want to select red, white, and blue polish. I opted for a blue shade called ”Sea Jewels”, in RK by Kiss HD nail polish. The red shade is by LA colors in the color ”Hot Blooded” and the white shade is by OPI in ”Ulta Ego”.

You should also invest in a doting tool. If you are a frugal diva like me (or you are just impatient) a bobby pin or toothpick works just as well.

Next you should select your press-ons to place onto your nail stands. My nail stands came from this awesome shop on Etsy called The Nailest Co. The set came with two  nail stand, orange sticks (for your cuticles, babes), nail file cubes, nails (your choice of shape),and putty(to attach said nails to the stands). I included a link next to the stands in case you would like to get a kit(it’s in pink below).


Once you have your colors and your tool handy, allow yourself to relive 3rd grade and practice your cursive. Take a look at the video below to follow along. Good luck and save them coins, sis!

Jewel Studded Bandana Nails

I have always been a big Aaliyah fan. I loved her music, her acting, and of course her fashion sense.

In the late 90’s/early 2000’s when jewel studded bandanas became popular with Hip Hop and R&B artists, I saw Aaliyah begin to don the blingy head wrap.  Naturally, I had to have one too.  After trading a few Kool-Aid packets with a neighborhood girl, I was the proud owner of my very own bling rag. I wore it until the jewels fell off. In honor of Babygirl, I've done my best to recreate the bandana design on my manicure. There is a tutorial as well in case you would also like to stunt on ’me one time.


For one reason or another, every civilian in the 90’s and early 2000’s felt the need to cover themselves in camouflage.

Were they going to war? No.
Was it necessary? Also no.

Was it fashionable?
Fa sho.

Camo was to be paired with unlaced Timbs.

For examples see the breakdown portion of DC3’s “Survivor” video or anything by Master P/No Limit Soliders.

See my camo tutorial  below and forward march to that subscribe button!

Solo Jazz

Solo Jazz was the name of the design emblazoned across Dixie cups in the 90’s. It typically consists of broad aqua brush strokes against a white background with a smaller purple wave in the middle. Whether I received of the cup at Taco Bell, a burger stand, or the Peppermill food court (shout out to those who grew up in my hometown of Reno, Nevada), I knew one thing was true:

 The food was about to be bomb!

Have a look at my tribute to this design but be forewarned, cinnatwists are not included.

 Behind the scenes video is included below.


Greetings, salutations,and what up?

I’m Danni and I’m super excited for my first blog post! 

Here we go:

Anytime that I’m feeling down, I run back to happy memories from the past to help me cope with the present. I wrap myself with memories from the 90's like I would a warm blanket. 

I’m a naturally anxious person and I combat my anxiety with self-care which mainly consists of curating 80’s/90’s playlist as well as trying my hand at nail art. To me, there is no better way to shake off daily frustrations than belting out a Prince ballad and mastering an intricate nail design. I do not consider myself a nail artist...My “salon” is the chaise that I lounge on at home; I do however consider myself a nail art enthusiast.

I wanted to create a space to share my love of nail art, all things nostalgic, as well as to flex my writing muscle (can’t let that B.A. go to waste can I?). 

I named this blog after what used to be my favorite event in Elementary School because I wanted to recreate that excited feeling that I would get on Fridays. 

Be prepared to get retro, get vintage, excuse my hangnails, and get ready to party because it’s always Friday here!

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