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I, Jack, The Pumpkin King-The Nightmare Before Christmas Nail Art Tribute.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a stop motion film written by Tim Burton and produced by Disney. The film centers on Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town who has grown bored of his routine. His boredom has caused him to wander into the forest where he discovers a set of trees that have doors that lead to other worlds.

 Jack Skellington stumbles into a dimension called Christmas Town and became so enchanted with the holiday that he decided to incorporate the town’s culture into his hometown upon his return.

Since it's 1993 theatrical release, the movie has been the perfect way to bridge the gap between Halloween to Christmas.

I have fond memories of singing along to the soundtrack which was arguably, Broadway worthy. I received the VHS after the traumatic experience of losing a tooth for the first time and having chicken pox in the same week. This film an a large bucket of red vine was a comfort for me. Without further ado, take a look at the making of the tribute below.   

What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?- Scream Nail Art Tribute

Hello Friends!

I decided to kick of the fall with some spooky nail art paying tribute to the 1996 Wes Craven classic, Scream. Scream is a slasher film that features a masked killer (Ghostface) that terrorizes a teen girl while poking fun at the horror genre.

 The film was unique for it's time due to the film's self awareness of horror movie clich├ęs and attempts to subvert them. The film also set itself a part in the genre by featuring Drew Barrymore, a  big name actress amongst a sea or newer actors in the first scene of the movie in which she is murdered within the first few minutes.


I decided to pay tribute to Ghostface and all of the victims with drippy blood nails.  Enjoy the video below and let me know what your favorite scary movie is. 

Can You Paint with all the Colors of the Wind?- Disney’s Pocahontas Nail Art Tribute

Happy Friday, Friends!

I hope you all had a very productive week. I would like to close out this week with a Nail Art Tribute to Disney’s Pocahontas. Pocahontas is an animated film of a fictionalized retelling of the meeting between English Colonist, John Smith and Native American Princess, Pocahontas.
 Disney was well into it’s animation renaissance when the film was released in June 23, 1995. Following in the footsteps of her headstrong Princess predecessors (such as Belle and Princess Jasmine) Pocahontas spoke her mind, she was fearless, and lived a full life independent of her love interest.
Pocahontas had musical gems such as "Just Around the River Bend" and the epic ballad, "Colors of the Wind". I can say that I spent all summer standing on top of boulders imagining my box braids blowing majestically in the wind.
That Summer every pool floatie was my "canoe" and I pretended to also have shamanic powers I communed with nature/ played outside.  I paid tribute to Pocahontas' iconic turquoise necklace, her red tribal arm band, and the cluster of leaves that swirls around her during key moments in her life.

Let me know what other Disney tributes that you would like to see in the comments below. Please enjoy the video of the process!


Slime Time!- A Nail Art Tribute to Nickelodeon Slime.

Nickelodeon and Slime go hand in hand. Slime would often make an appearance on several shows on the network as it was lime green substance that was often dumped on the heads of unsuspecting victims as was first introduced in the early 80's preteen sketch show "You Can't Do That On Television".
Whether used as a punishment or a component of an obstacle course, no one was safe from being "Slimed".
Legend has it that Slime was made out of vanilla pudding, apple sauce, food coloring, and oatmeal. As per"snick"ety(See what I did there?) of a kid as I was, I often dreamed about getting slimed. I turned my dreams into a reality by putting the design on my manicure.

I choose to add  lime green drips to a bright orange to pay tribute to Nickelodeon's signature colors.

Nail Polish Used:

"Orange You Glad"- RK by Ruby Kisses
"Mint"- LA Colors

Muy Bien,Great!-Dora the Explorer


Hello Friends,

Today's tribute goes to Dora the Explorer. Debuting on August 14,2000, Dora the Explorer follows the adventures of a 7-year-old named Dora and her automorphic monkey companion, named boots for his affinity for his choice of footwear.

The format of the show was designed to give the viewer a point-of-view experience of playing a computer game where they must "click" items that are needed to help Dora complete her missions as well as respond to prompts to shout out the right answer at their TV screens.


Dora has a pan-Latina identity and often employs Spanish in her call and response portion of her missions (such as when she breaks the fourth wall to speak to the audience).

Dora is joined by a host of bilingual talking animals, sentient items such as Backpack and Map, as well as her older cousin, Diego on occasion.

I chose to represent Dora and the foliage that she often frolics.

*Note how I had to change to color of Dora's shirt because I forgot what color it was.


"Gotta Blast!"-Nail Art Tribute to Jimmy Neutron


Happy Friday, Friends!

Today's Nail Art Tribute goes to Nickelodeon's computer-animated boy-genius, Jimmy Neutron.

Jimmy Neutron was first introduced through the feature film, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius in 2001. The film inspired a series that ran on Nickelodeon from 2002-2006 followed the 11-year-old boy and his classmate that often fall prey to his inventions that often malfunction by accident.

I could not quite recreate Jimmy signature ice cream swirly hair but I did my best to recreate his essence as I tried to replicated his iconic red atom shirt. I also couldn't resist the opportunity to recreate another galaxy nail.

Let me know in the comments below if you want to see any other Nicktoons represented for the next nail art tribute.


Sunflower Chuck Taylors

 Happy Friday, Friends!

Today's DIY project goes to the quintessential 90's sneaker, the high top Chuck Taylor. What was once a popular basketball shoe in the 1970's, the Chuck Taylor quickly became a counterculture staple amongst grunge rockers and gangsta rappers. I wanted to combine this high top sneaker with some art work and decided to illustrate the quintessential 90's blossom, The Sunflower, on the panels.

I got the White Monochrome Chuck Taylors from Amazon as well as a set of Acrylic paints.

I hope you enjoy the video below and I hope that you are able to catch some sunshine this weekend!


Yabba Dabba Doo!- Flintstones Nail Art Tribute

Happy Friday Friends!

Today's Nail Art Tribute goes to The Flintstones.

A cartoon by Hanna-Barbera, The Flintstones was one of the first animated series to have a Prime time TV listing. The show debuted in 1960 and ran for 6 years on ABC which featured a married couple in the stone age with prehistoric technology.

The show was similar to a popular real life sitcom The Honeymooners in that it featured Fred Flintstone as a boorish individual married to a sassy woman, Wilma Flintstone.

Their best friends and neighbors are the Rubbles, Barney and Betty whose dynamic between a slightly more intelligent wife and a bumbling husband mirrors the main protagonist.

Like most of the animation by Hanna-Barbera, The Flintstones are enjoyed many franchise revamps that have given them new life for decades.

Some of my fondest memories of the Flintstones have come from the 90's like with Flintstone's Vitamins, Flintstone push up pops,re-runs of the Flintstone Kids, and the Live Action Flintstones movie.

By Order of the Water Buffalo, take a look at the finished product that features Dino, Wilma, Fred, Barney, and Betty.



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